Horror hell

Why do we fear things that don't exist?


1. the horrors of reality

Scary stories can be fun, but not always. Everybody seems to have a breaking point, something that they just can't understand or deal with. Everybody is afraid or even horrified of something. monsters, ghosts and the paranormal seem to be the most scary topics but really the most scary things are in our everyday reality. People being brutally murdered, the innocent being burned alive, these things happen in real life. Why scare you with a fictional story when reality is the nightmare you live in everyday? If you think I'm exaggerating then I promise you, you are wrong, turn on the news, look at the crimes commit each day. Look at the people who were brutally murdered, tortured and raped each day, you don't need a fictional world where monsters exists because the worst living beings inhabit our reality. They don't look like monsters, they look perfectly normal but on the inside... On the inside their hearts are so twisted and dark... Worst than any monsters could ever be, worse than anything that should exist...

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