Horror hell

Why do we fear things that don't exist?


2. superior

Who is to say that this is reality? This could all be a mere dream that is so pleasant one wishes never to wake up. This could very well be hell, who is to say we ever even existed? Either way, the people who think this world is pleasant are fools. This world is a horrid place that's filled with the Most vile of creatures. We don't need monsters like from scary stories because we are the most monstrous beings. We take the lives of the innocent and spare the guilty... We are the worst things in this word. We are like a curse, a burden to the very planet we live on. I am sure you are probably offended but I never said I was a person and that I was talking about humans. Yes humans are very dreadful creatures but to you're surprise there are even worse things out there. There are things out there you could never imagine, things that I promise you that you will never see. Nobody is born a monster, everybody has a chance to be good. To be honest being good is no fun, where's the joy in life if you can't take out you're anger on someone? Why do people feel like it's improper to kill another person? After all they brutally animals to eat everyday? What I do to people is not wrong, it's simply nature. I am smarter, bigger and stronger. While humans thing that they are at the top of the food chain I can't help but laugh. What they don't know is that slowly their race will be consumed by an even bigger force. They will be shown their place and we will rightfully take ours...

You now know to much. I am sure that you alone will not be able to help you're people fight against us but I can't take a risk. Stay right where you are, I'm on my way...

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