Living for what reason

Reagan, my name is Reagan. How am I supposed to deal with this when everything is going good and then BAM!! Ive fallen back down again and no one is here to help me get back up.


1. Who I am

Ok who am I? I am Reagan Walters, the popular girl in high school... Right? Yes I am likes by almost everyone. I am a little fat, yes.

I go to Holmes Chapel High, with my best friend Loraine. We are on the bus ready to go home and Today was a very long day for me. The most popular girl, who rules the school slammed me into my locker today! Her name is Lexi. She is cheer captain and she plays basket ball and she is dating the popular guy in school, Zach. When the bus stops I get off and walk to my apartment and open the door.

Yes I live alone because my parents abused me and I called the cops, they got jail for life. It hurts to know that my parents didn't care enough for my sister and I to not to abuse us.

I throw my bag on the floor next to the door and then I slam the door and fall backwards on the black leather couch. I pull out my IPhone 5c and I check my messages. I have one new message and it is from Loraine.

Stay inside tonight there has been some attacks on people in ur area of town

Now that is awfully strange, but who cares I could care less if I lived.... I got the scars to prove it.

While I am sitting on the couch thinking the door slams open and reveals my little sister. Her name is Avery, she has light blonde hair, ocean blue eyes, she is six years old and is the only reason I have to live.

She is a total opposite of me, I have black waves in my hair and I have hazel eyes.

She looks at me and then runs over to the couch and sits on me..... The only reason she lives with me is because I am eighteen, I got held back in school. I groan as she pushes out the air that was in my lungs.

She let's out a bunch of laughter and then I push her off and then I sit up. "Do you have any home work?" I ask her.

She nods "I have to find a way to make a egg drop in a hard plastic cup ten feet with out it busting." She says.

"So what do you have in mind for this project?" I ask her.

"A smashed up Twinkie in the bottom and the rest will be cotton balls and paper towels." She says standing up and walking into the kitchen and opening the refrigerator silver door.

"There is no eggs!" She yells like it is a big deal.

"I'll go get some stay here and watch cartoons and do not get up off this couch." I instruct. She nods and then runs to the couch and sits down and grabs the remote.

I grab my car keys and I walk down to my red convertible. I know I am a little bit rich..... We get paid about one thousand dollars a month just from our grandparents, who are the owners of a company called "the heading" they make house hold products and my grandparents live in California in America. They wanted us to come and live with them but I said no.

As I pull out of the driveway the song "Nobody Compares" by One Direction starts to play and I sing along.

When I pull into the crowded parking lot I decide to park down the road and just walk. I drive back out of the parking lot and I dive down and park parallel to the side walk. The sun is setting as I walk fast to the store.

I grab a cart and I walk back to the section were they have eggs. When I walk up to an empty register the guy there is staring at me.

I hand him my money and he shakes his head.

"I'll pay for the pretty girl." He says making me blush. I look at his name tag and it says "Matt"

"Your not to bad yourself Matt." I says and then I walk away. By the time that I get onto The long sidewalk it is now dark. As I walk along the sidewalk lit by the lamps I feel like I'm in watched. I hear footsteps coming closer I start to walk faster now... Now I am jogging. I feel the persons body now I'm running. Just as I reach the next light stand I am grabbed.

I spin around and look at who the person is and what I see surprises me.... It's Harry Styles except he had red glowing eyes. Then everything goes black.

Authors Note:

Hey guys this is Madison! This is my first movella! Please give me some feed back! But I need help I can't get the bold print off! Can anyone help me?😱 I am so sorry for the shifty chapter

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