Living for what reason

Reagan, my name is Reagan. How am I supposed to deal with this when everything is going good and then BAM!! Ive fallen back down again and no one is here to help me get back up.


3. What happened

I ran to Avery's side and I hugged her limp body as the tears come down my face. I am hugging her while I notice two little punctures in her neck... Why did those assholes do this to her!

I ran to my room and grabbed my charger and plugged my phone in and the screen popped up. I went to my contacts and it had Harry and the rest of the boys numbers.

I clicked on Harry's and he answered and I started to scream "Avery she is dead!! What did you assholes do!!" I scream and there is silence on the other side of the phone and then I feel a gust of wind. I drip my phone and turn around and there stands the guys who murdered my sister.

"Why did you kill her?!" I scream and beat on Harry's chest.

"What are you talking about babe?" Harry asks.

"Don't call me babe when you killed my sister!" I say and push Harry and he stumbles because he was caught off guard.

"We didn't kill anyone!" Liam said.

"Then go and look at my sister." I whisper tears still coming down my face.

"Ok." Liam says and the rest of the boys follow him except Harry.

"I'm sorry I accused you." I whisper he pulls me into a hug.

"I wouldn't blame you..... You still don't know." He says and I pull away and look up at him.

"What?" I ask.

"There is this guy named Greg, Niall's brother and he is an evil vampire who wants to use you for his own.... Purposes "

My breath hitches in my throat. What did Harry mean by ... Purposes? Harry tenses. I look at him.

"So he killed Avery?" I ask sitting down on the couch while Harry remains standing.

"Yeah he did." Louis says coming in the door. Anger flicks throw my whole body. Harry can tell. He sits down next to me and looks me in the eyes.

"It is going to be ok." He says and I nod all the anger gone.

He grabs me and throws me over his back like I am nothing when in reality I am 169 pounds. He runs and everything is a blur then when things become clearer we are in the living room of the house.

"Why did you leave exactly?" He asks.

"I needed fresh air and I wanted to go tell Avery I was ok." I say and Harry nods.

Silence overwhelms us. "Can I ask you a question?" I ask. He nods. "Do you all have powers?" I ask.

"Yes we all have powers. I have the ability to compel you to do whatever I want, Niall can read your mind, Zayn can see the future, Liam can change your mood, Louis has x ray vision and we all have the ability to run fast and we have inhuman strength." Harry says and I nod.

"Do any of the guys have soulmates?" I ask. He nods

"Zayn has Perrie, Liam has a girl named Gillian, Louis had a girl named Haylee, and Niall doesn't have anyone yet." Harry said. I nod. I look at the clock and it is just now seven am. I lay back on the couch and I close my eyes and drift off to sleep thinking about Harry.

Authors note

Hey guys Madison here I want you all to please fan Chiao!! I think she is cool! I will update tomorrow! Feed back me want feedback 💬❤️u!

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