Living for what reason

Reagan, my name is Reagan. How am I supposed to deal with this when everything is going good and then BAM!! Ive fallen back down again and no one is here to help me get back up.


2. What am I doing here

Black.... That is all I see. Black, what happened? My eyes shoot open and I sit straight up. The room is dark and I am in a bed. As my eyes adjust to the dimness of the room I notice that there is light coming from the door. I look around the room and the clock says that it is 3:48 AM.

I throw the covers back and I walk across the hardwood floor towards the door. When I turn the knob to the door it stops..... The dang door is locked! I am angry! I bang on the door and yell "Let me out of here!"

I hear footsteps thudding on the floor. I heard someone put a key in and they open the door.

I turn on the lights and eternally gasp at the sight of him. It's Niall. He is looking at me smiling. "Hi." He says.

"Uh hi! Why did you kidnap me!" I yell flinging my arms with every word. He frowns.

"I didn't kidnap you, Harry did." He states.

"Well... Why did he kidnap me?" I ask a little calmer now. He shakes his head.

"If he didn't tell you then I can't tell you." He says. I let out a big sigh and then I give up. He is not going to tell me.

"I am starving can I come down?" I ask and he looks at me hard.

"You'll run away..." He said. I shake my head. I definitely would not run away.... I'm glad to get away.

"I won't leave." I say. He looks at me really hard and then he relaxes.

"I trust you." He says. I know exactly just what he did. He read my mind, I am not stupid.

He turns around and walks down the stairs and I follow. The room I was staying in was parallel with the stairs. I walk down the wooden stairs my bare feet touching the wooden flooring. When I reach the bottom of the stairs my feet touchy white carpet. I look down at my toes which are painted teal.

I look back up at Niall who is watching me. "Where are the rest of the guys?"

"They had to..... Go and get you some stuff." He said.

"What are you guys?" I ask while sitting on the bar stool. I look at him and he tenses.

"We are killers. We are vampires..." He whispers the last part.

"What do you want with me?" I ask.

"It's not me it's Harry." He says and then throws a lunchable on counter. I open it up and begin to eat. Everything is silent.

I look down at my lap and notice how fat my thighs are. I really should not be eating. I set the food back on the table and I walk back into the hallway into the living room. There is a big grey couch that people would use for the movies.

I sit down on the couch and then I grab the remote and turn on the TV. It's on the news I change it to The Simpsons.

Niall walks in and sits on the other side of the couch as far away from me as possible. What the heck i think. I turn my attention to the TV.

I sense Niall's eyes boring into my face. After about ten minutes of this going on I look at Niall and he looks away. I roll my eyes and then the doors open and in comes in four guys that I love.

As soon as they come into the living room they all look at me. I smile and I stand up and they smile back. "We are just going to go upstairs." Louis says and all of them except Harry go upstairs. Harry grabs my hand and pulls me on to the couch.

"I know you must have a lot of questions." He says. I nod. He puts his arm around me and our knees touch.... What the heck is going on.

"Why did you kidnap me?" I ask.

He sighs and uses his free hand to rub his fore head. "Because...: your my soulmate." He whispers and I stop breathing and my eyes widen.

"How do you know?" I ask.

"Well we came to Holmes Chapel and legends say that for vampires that when we find our soul mate that everything just slows down and you only see them, and you can't love anyone else but them. We were out hunting and I saw you going to school and ever since then I would watch you. " he pauses.

"Legends also say that you have to change the person to seal the bond...... Last night I couldn't take it anymore so I had to take you so we could be together." He mumbles like he is ashamed his self. I feel bad for this boy.

"What would you say if I said I...... Like you?" I say staring at my lap again because... Well I guess I really do like him he was always my favorite.

I could hear him stop

Breathing for a second and then he turned to look at me. "Why in the world would you like a monster like me?" He asks.

"Ok if you don't stop causing yourself then I am going to talk

You again!" I scream and he looks at me with surprise. "Maybe I'm happy to be gone and maybe I am happy right here with you! Maybe I want to be like you." I tell him. I put my face in my hands and I groan.

After about fifteen minutes I feel Harry's present move..... Or better yet it leaves.

I look up and sure enough he is gone. I stand up and I grab the nearest jacket and I walk out the door. I know that we are still in Holmes Chapel so I just keep on walking on the wet side walk.

My hands are cold so I reach into the pocket and find my phone and it is dead. I walk to the apartment to find the door ajar. When I open the door my stomach drops.... Avery is laying on the floor in a pool of blood, dead.

Authors Note

Hey so on Wattpad I had 110 reads on my story before I deleted my accout, I want to have a whole lot of reads so thank you guys for just reading this far! Feedback! Shout out to...... Niallerxxx! Please fan her she is really AWSOME and funny and check out her books!

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