Living for what reason

Reagan, my name is Reagan. How am I supposed to deal with this when everything is going good and then BAM!! Ive fallen back down again and no one is here to help me get back up.


4. Our little date

I open my eyes and I see that I am in the same room I woke up in the other day. I feel a body right beside me, I look at see Harry laying beside me with out his shirt on. I smile at him, He looks so cute when he is asleep. All of a sudden he smiles. "You know I can tell that you are looking at me." He says in a raspy morning voice which was actually sexy.

I giggle and he tightens his arms which were wrapped around my torso. "I'm going to take you on a date tonight." He says and I nod even though he can't see me.

He turns over on his stomach and he looks at me. I giggle, he reaches for my hand and I let him take it. I can feel "the flame" as they call it. He plays with my fingers, His skin is warm not cool.

I can't help but wonder if I am falling in love. "Do you want anything to eat?" He asks me. I think about it.

Should I eat? I am already to fat. But I am going to eat since I have not ate since yesterday.

I nod and I throw back the covers and I stand up. I am still in my clothes from yesterday. Jeans and a white baggy T shirt. "Can I change clothes?" I ask

"Yes there are some clothes in the closet that I bought for you." He says and then leaves the room. I walk over to the white door with the golden handle and I open the door. I soon see the image of a walk in closet that is filled with shoes and clothes.

I walk into the closet and I flip on the light switch to get a better look. I do a 360 degree turn and noticed that there is black lingerie on one of the shelfs..... Well ok then. I also notice that some of Harry's clothes are in here too.

I walk over to where the pants are and I get some black sweat pants, then I walk over to where the shirts are and I get a long sleeve minie mouse shirt. I look around some more and find just what I am looking for right on the top shelf.... A black sports bra.

I walk back into the room and I lay my new clothes on dark blue bed spread. I take off my shirt and I take off the white silk bra I had been wearing and then I Put on the black one. I then notice that there is a talk mirror in the corner of the room leaning up against the white walls. I walk over to it and then I notice how fat I am. Angrily I throw on my shirt and sling off the pants, then I put on the sweats. I walk out of the room and I almost run into Niall who is leaning up against the wall right before you get to the steps.

He looks at me with sympathetic eyes.... Did he just read my mind. He looks down at his hand guiltily. I push past him and I walk down the stairs and I smell food. I walk into the kitchen and I look at who is cooking, Harry. I walk over to the bar table and I sit on the bar stool. He can sense me coming in..... I can just tell because his mood changed... I think.

Harry turns around and in his hand is a plate full of pancakes with syrup on them. I grab the plate happily and set it down on the counter top. Harry watches my every move while smiling then he hands me a fork. "Can I ask you a question?" He asks, I nod. "Do you like me?" He asks

I look at him. "Of course I like you." I say and I mean it. His smile gets even bigger.

"Can't wait for our date." He says still looking at me.

"Me too." I say


As I am getting my make up on for the date, Niall walks in wearing a red polo with dark wash jeans. "Hey." He says his voice barley above a whisper.

"Hi." I say while putting my makeup back in its draw. There was a vanity in the closet.

"Are you mad at me?" He asks.

"I'm not sure yet, I mean why would you read my mind?" I ask getting up and adjusting the knee high strapless pink dress.

He stares at me and then looks away. "I just wanted to know what you were thinking." He says.

"Then why didn't you ask me! Look I am not doing this, you are not my boyfriend so don't start this crap!" I yell and then I push past him and I walk out the bedroom door.

I walk down the steps in my white flats. When I reach the bottom step Harry is waiting on me. "You look stunning." He says.

I examine what he is wearing. Black skinny jeans, a white t shirt , a blue flannel button up shirt, and some white converses.

"You don't look bad yourself Styles." I say and then giggle. He takes my hand and leads me out the door and to his black mustang. He pulls me over to the passenger door and he opens it for me and then he waits til I get in and then shuts the door.

His car faintly smells of mint. As he gets in my phone goes off.

Yes I got my phone back. My phone says that a blocked caller is calling. I ignore it and then I turn all of my focus back to Harry who is now pulling out of the driveway. He starts to drive on the main road and then turns on the radio and the song Wanted You More by: Lady Antebellum. I listen to the lyrics very closely and all the emotions that I have kept inside me comes to the surface.

All of this is his fault!

Why did he have to do this to me! Then the tears start to come down a fast at fist then they slow down. I look over at Harry who is singing along to the song.... He's the reason I have to live, the reason to even exist, he's the reason to move on and forget him.

I stare out the window until we get to a restaurant called Bazils. I get out of the car and I walk around til I get to Harry who is holding out his hand for me to hold.

I grab his hand and we walk. The feeling of just being with him is like a fantasy and him holding my hand is enough to make my stomach overload with butterflies and to make my brain my brain overload with emotions.

As soon as we walk into Bazils I can smell Italian food and I hear music. I can see and old couple dancing to the music, they are so cute. "Reservations under Styles." Harry says to the guy at the front. The guy nods and leads is to a booth. I sit in front of Harry, the guy then hands is red menus.

"My name is Josh I will be your server tonight, can I get you guys started off with something to drink?" He asks. He has black spiked up hair and the usual fancy dress code for the people who work here.

"Yes we will both take a water." Harry orders for us. I don't mind because that was exactly what I was gonna get.

"Do you all know what you want to eat?" He asks me

"I'll take the ravioli plate." I say and Harry nods.

"Make that two please." He replies to Josh, who smiles and walks away with our order.

I sit back in the seat and I look at Harry who just so happens to be looking at me. "What?" I ask.

"Nothing.... Just that you ate the most prettiest girl I have ever known." He says and I blush. The moment gets interrupted by Josh bringing our food and drinks, wow that was fast.

He puts our food and drinks down in front of us and then leaves. I dig into my food and it was delicious.


After I finished my food I looked at the old couple still dancing. The woman was wearing a long pink skirt and a flannel shirt, the man was wearing a dress shirt and some slacks. Her head was on his chest and her eyes were closed, the man held her and put his head on hers. It almost made me cry, and I couldn't help but smile at how sweet that was.

This didn't go unnoticed by Harry, he stood up and offered me his hand and I took it. He pulled me up and we walked over to the middle of the dance floor. Then the song Just A Kiss by: Lady Antebellum came on.

Harry gently put his hands on my waist and that was enough to send me over the edge. Harry starts to chuckle as I put my hands at the nape of his neck. "What?" I ask.

"Your heart just started pounding faster than ever when I put my hands on your waist." Harry says smirking at me and I blush because it just then dawns on me that he can hear my heart beat.

The heart that obviously belongs to him.

Authors Note

Hey guys I am litteratly almost crying because of the last sentence! The feelz! Sorry it took me two days to write this because it kept on deleting some of it! Love you!!!


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