Living for what reason

Reagan, my name is Reagan. How am I supposed to deal with this when everything is going good and then BAM!! Ive fallen back down again and no one is here to help me get back up.


5. I love you

As Harry and I dance he hold me in his arms. We have been dancing for a while, the old people have already left. He pulls back and looks at me, "Do you want to go home?" He asks and I nod. He interlocks out hands and we walk back out out to the door. As soon as we open the door I am blasted with cold air. I feel Harry's hand leave mine, I look around and I see no Harry.

"Harry this is soo not funny." I say, when I don't hear a response I start to get ticked off. "I'm going back to the car and I am going to call Niall to come and get me!" I yell.

Silence... Everything is really quiet, I strain my eyes in the dark and I see nothing but darkness. Then I hear a noise and I turn in the direction of the noise and I see a face I recognize, it's Greg.

The one who wants me. I see Harry laying on the ground surrounded by blood. I look at Greg who is staring at me hungrily. "I want you." He says right before everything goes black.


I shot straight up remembering everything, I am looking into darkness. I feel a body next to mine and I look and see that Greg is laying beside me. I get out of the bed and I grab the comforter and I grab my pillow and I lay on the floor. I start to cry remembering what happened to Harry.

I didn't even get to tell him I loved him, which makes me cry harder into the pillow.

Harry's POV

I wake up slowly remembering that Greg snapped my neck.... I can't imagine what Reagan is going through. I have to find her, I stand up still dizzy but I fight my way through it and I make it to the car and I grab my phone when I get in. I press Zayns number and he answers on the second ring.


"Zayn! Greg got Reagan and he snapped my neck! I'm at Bazils hurry!" I yell and before I can even hang up he is right beside me.

"I can smell him---" he cuts off and his eyes look distant, when he returns to normal he looks at me. "She's at the Horans old farm... In Ireland."

Back to Reagan's POV like always

When I wake up this time it is light and I am still on the floor. I sit up and I look at the pillow that is stained with mascara. I look around and find that the door to the bedroom is open, I stand up and walk over to the door and out the door.

I see a hallway leading to what looks like a kitchen I jog down there and almost run into Greg. "Hey baby." He says and I shiver when he calls me baby.

"I am not your baby!" I yell trying to get out of his grip but he slaps me.

"You will NOT talk back to me!" He yelled and hits me again.

"I hate you!!" I scream and he punches me this time and I can feel the blood coming down my face from my nose.... Wait blood.

He looks at the blood and then at me, then he brings his mouth up to my neck.... Just before he can bite me I hear a door burst open. Maybe that is my way to get help what if it is Niall or Zayn.

I screw my eyes shut and scream to the top of my lungs and I soon feel Greg's present leave. I open my eyes and stop screaming and I see Harry punching Greg.

Then I see Zayn come walking down the hall and he has a wooden stake, he hands it to Harry and Harry stabs Greg right in the heart and then pulls it back out and stabs him again and then he just sits there.

"Harry?" I ask and then Harry's head snaps up and he looks at me. Within a second he is right beside me and he is cupping my face.

"I'm so sorry... I was so stupid to even take you outside." He says and it looks like he is going to cry.

"No, he would have got her either way. What matters now is that she is with you." Zayn says and then walks out the door.

I look back at Harry who is looking at me, just staring into his eyes I can feel his love for me.... I wonder if he can feel my love for him. I start to lean in and our lips touch and if butterflies could kill then I would probably be in hell right now.

Our lips move in perfect synchronization and I feel his tongue trace my lower lip, as if asking for permission, I grant him permission and our tongues fight for dominance and of course he wins.

I pull back to catch my breath and I rest my forehead against his forehead. "Harry?" I ask

"Yes." He says.

"I thought I lost you! I was afraid that I wouldn't get to tell you..." I trail off.

"Tell me what?" He asks.

"That- that I love you." I whisper. He pulls back just enough to look me and I can tell that he is smiling because there is a sparkle in his eyes.

"You don't know how long I have needed to here you say that." He says and then kisses me again. Not a eager hard kiss, it was a soft gentle kiss and it made me feel wanted, I kiss him back the same way, gentle.

He pulls apart and he grab my hand and pulls me with him out the door. We walk over to Harry's car where Zayn is waiting for us, we both get into the backseat and Zayn starts to drive.

"So is Greg really dead?" I ask and Harry shakes his head.

"No, you can kill a vampire with a steak yes. But Greg is an original and he has to be burnt.... Niall has to do it though, because it has to be a relative by blood." He says.

"So when is he going to kill Greg?" I ask and Harry starts to avoid my eye contact.

"He is getting the stuff now but it may take a couple of days and that means we have to kill Greg again because he should heal within thirty minutes." Harry says and I look at him confused.

"What stuff?" I ask.

"Well when you burn him you have to burn him with vervain and then destroy his ring." Harry says "destroy the ring bye rapping vervain around it and burning it as well."

I nod my head and we soon reach the house. I get out of the car and I hear screaming from out here. I run to the door thinking that someone was hurt.

I open the door and I hear Niall yelling at someone.

"No I love her and he is stealing her away!" Niall yells.

"She's Harry's soulmate!" Liam yells.

"I don't care!!" I hear Niall yell and then I hear the slamming of a door. Niall was obviously talking about me. I walk into the living room where Liam and Louis are standing there looking at each other until they notice me.

"Reagan." Louis whispers.

"I am just going to go to my room...." I say and then run up the stairs stiffly. So Niall likes me? Why? I am ugly and fat.

It's about two thirty right now and I just so tired. I walk into the room and lay down and close my eyes and pray to God that Harry doesn't find out...


I wake up when I hear yelling down stairs... It's Harry yelling, I get up and run down the stairs to see Harry in Niall's face and Zayn is holding back Niall and Louis and Liam are holding back Harry.

"How could you even say that you like her!!! She's mine you cunt! Mine!" Harry yells and Niall glares at him.

"So she is your property?! The bond hasn't even been sealed yet and she is your property Styles! She can change her mind and force someone else to imprint on her!" Niall yells back, evenly as mad as Harry.

"So you think that she is going to choose you? Dude why are you oblivious... She loves me like the rest of the girl populations does, she's just like them!" Harry yells and Niall. My jaw drops and Niall is the only one facing me and he looks at me.

"So she's just like the other girls Harry?" Niall asks and Harry stiffens.

"That is not what I meant!" Harry said.

"That's not the way we took it." Niall says and Harry looks over his shoulder at me. Tears start to come and I don't understand the reason he would say that.

"Reagan. That is not what I meant." Harry says to me coming over and he tries to touch my arm but I jerk back.

"After Niall kills Greg, I'm leaving." I simply state and then I walk away. Harry starts to cry and he falls to his knees.

"Please don't leave me I didn't mean it!!!!!" Harry yells and cries even harder while the rest of the guys watch. I stop in mid step and I turn to look at him.

"Why are you so jealous?" I yell.

"I'm afraid of loosing you!" He yells back and I shake me head.

"Stop fighting over me!! You all need to just... STOP!" I yell and then I storm out onto the patio.

My heart that still belongs to Harry is aching, aching for the fact that he meant what he was saying.... What if he never loved me at all, what if I don't belong here? What if I don't belong with him?

Authors Note

Hey guys I love this chapter full of drama!! So I will start the chapter right away! Don't worry Harry and Reagan are going to be okay.

Who do you ship? Riall or Heagan? Comment and who ever wins is the group! The contest with go on for the rest of the book until she settles down which should be in the middle of the book!

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