Meant To Be Seen

Living a life where you're meant to be seen on a daily basis inst easy. Espiaclly when you are someone like me. Someone who refuses to do what they are told. Rebellious.


1. Simplicty

My life hasn't been easy. Not since I got placed in a random place with a child and man I've never met.


I wake up to a screaming child and a man jabbering about shutting the kid up. "Why do I have to deal with it?" I ask. "Cause your my wife and the child's damn mother." He cusses. "You do not cuss in front a child and I'm not your wife." I say. He grabs my hand and shows the ring. "Yes you are now deal with the child." He says sternly. I slap him and then get up and attempt to leave.

"Deal with the fucking child. Now." He says sternly and then backhands me. I squeal and then take the child to another room.

It was better for me to leave before my meant to be seen side showed. The child had it to apparently and was showing it very well. My meant to be seen side was a vampire, which was very hard to control when I was pissed off.

"Mum, what is fathers problem?" The child asks. "He doesn't understand us dear child, now please tell me what is the matter?" I ask.

"I'm hungry but nothing here sounds good to me." The child says. "Come with me I'll show you something tasty." I say and lead the child outside into the woods.


After having 'dinner' we head back inside but instantly I get yelled at.

"Where the hell have you been? Huh? I told you to deal with the fucking child not wonder off." He yells. "I told you not cuss in front of a child and I was dealing with it, shut up before you see the real side of me." I say sternly. "And you'll do what? You just a damn stay at home mom who takes care of the damn child and does house chores." He says with a smirk. I snarl at him and he jumps.

"I warned your ass, go down to the basement and wait there." I say sharply and sternly.

He puts his hand up in defense and then heads to the basement. I take the scared child upstairs and put it to bed.

"That's what happens to us when someone makes us really mad dear child." I say and get to deal with the jackass of a husband.


When I got down to the bottom of the basement he was in a corner hidden.

"You do not insult my kind and certainly do not insult me." I hiss. "Baby, what's your problem? You're human so it would be insultin me as well." He says. "I'm not your baby and I'm not human." I say growling and showing my fangs.

"Then what the hell are you?" He asks.

"You're worst nightmare."

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