Harry Potter: Next Generation Year one

This is just the first chapter of their adventure I'm not really going by next generation rules I guess like rose being in love with Scorpio and stuff but I'll try to stick with it a little


1. The train Ride

When al sat down and the train Began to move he couldn't believe the things he seen it was like... Magic! Well it is... He sat in the same compartment as rose and couple new people they looked like the same age they defiantly had the same expression on their face. Before al could say anything rose piped up

"Hi I'm rose"

"I'm mason" replied the boy with the long shaggy blonde hair that came right above his eyes. The girl just continued to sit there in silence she defiantly must of been amazed

" this is al but apparently he's too quiet to say anything"

Al just gave rose a say anything else your dead look, rose just smiled back. The girl who had very long wavy brown hair finally looked up from the ground and said "I'm Raylin masons my step brother"

Mason looked up at rose "you have red hair do you happen to be a Weasley" he said with a half smile on his face. Al didn't know weather that would offend rose or not apparently it didn't because she just gave Him a half smile and said "yes" just then a faint "trolley" could be heard in the compartment

"What's the trolley"? Raylin asked

Al just kind of smiled cause he knew what it was.

"Any thing from the trolley"? Asked a tall women said as the candy filled trolley approached al seen Raylins face light up when she seen the trolley

"Are those frogs... Alive"? Raylin asked

"No dear" the woman said with a small chuckle

"I'll take one of those" she said

"I'll take some jelly beans" al said

"Surprise me" rose said

"Me too" mason said

The kids gave the woman there money and gave then there candy. From that point on every thing was a little less awkward.

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