The story and friendship between rose and the doctor


1. flashback

I remeber. I remember when. He was older. And had less hair. English. But then he turned scotish. Funny that.

It was at the department store

I still lived with mum

She was all.

BLA BLA compensation BLAH BLAH

i mean i love her but im glad I finally move out to live with mickey. We are so in love. Im pregnant now and the baby is due in 2 weeks.

Im going to be writing in here each year of my and the doctors five years of love and friendship

I love and miss him dearly and all i wanna do is hear his voice again. His smart sense of humour. His all stars and his hair. Oh the hair.


On to the past

---the next chapter will be about the first week of rose and the doctor and mickey destroying the nestine conciousness. Thankyou for reading.i hope u enjoy the following chapters xxxx byeeeee! -lily---

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