How I Fell For You..

Can Luke Hemmings change Summer Clifford, Michael Clifford's sister?

Will Summer Clifford fall in love with Luke Hemmings?

Will Luke break her heart for save her heart from her resent heartbreak?

Read to Find out��☺️


1. 👉How they met👈

Summers POV

Michael and I were sitting on the couch fooling around with each other. We played Truth or Dare, Hide and Seek, and a bunch of other games. I remember that like it was yesterday. I miss it when Mike and I hung out. I mean we still hang out but not as much any more, now that he has fans and fame.

He's in a band called 5SOS. He got in the band in December 2011. They're a great band. My favourite song is 'Amnesia'. It reminds me of mum and dad. They died in a horrific car crash in 2007. I was 10 and Mike was 13. He took care of me all the time. He was like a dad to me. Then we both got older we started taking care of our selfs.

When he went to college he met Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, and the one and only, Luke Hemmings. They started making YouTube videos and started getting a bunch of hits! So they all drop out of college and became a band together. I was so proud of Mike! And the funniest thing is, everyone thought I was Mikes girlfriend! Until he told the interviewers that I was his younger sister. Then they all apolized to me and Mike. When I made a Instagram, Twitter and Facebook account, I had so many followers! In one hour after the interview. I thought it was shocking!

I guess this is what 'fame' means. It's different to me cause I'm from a small town and I got picked on a lot. But now since Michael Clifford is my brother, all the pouplar girls think I'm cool and all they want is to meet 5SOS and make sure they get in their pants. I just think it's funny! Every time one of the boys come pick me up all the girls call me 'bestie' or 'hey bæ' like we've be long time friends. But Mike told the boys how they really treated me so they blow them off, even the most snobbiesnt bitch of them all, Marianna Brooklyn. I try not to laugh but I can't help it sometimes! She gets so pissed off but she keeps trying. Everytime one of them pick me up. They take turns everyday. Mondays Cal picks me up and drops me off, Tuesdays Mike picks me up and drops me off, Wednsdays Ashton picks me up and drops me off, then Thrusdays and Fridays Luke picks me up and drops me off.

I love hanging out with the boys! Especially on tour! It's amazing to see the world on tour I get to meet so many fans of theirs and most of them talk to me like they've known me their whole life! A lot of them have fan pages of me on Instagram and Twitter! On my own time I like to look at their pages of me and some of them I follow. I'm just glad I have such fan people in my life.

Ashton is a great guy to hangout with. He's the funniest guy I've ever been around for a long time. Also he amazing at being a drummer!

Calum is a amazing guy! Just don't wake him up in the morning! He's really grouchy. We like to call him 'grumpy'. He a amazing guitarist and vocalist!

And Luke is just a punk teen. I mean he's a nice guy and all, but all he thinks about is fucking a girl or partying all night and sleeping all day. But I have to say, he's an amazing guitarist and vocalist.

And this is the story of how Luke Hemmings changed me from a sweet, innocent, caring girl-into a bad, mistiveous, carefreeing girl.

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