How I Fell For You..

Can Luke Hemmings change Summer Clifford, Michael Clifford's sister?

Will Summer Clifford fall in love with Luke Hemmings?

Will Luke break her heart for save her heart from her resent heartbreak?

Read to Find out��☺️


10. 🙊 Back at the House🙊

Calums POV

There Alex should with another girl hugging her and kissing her. I hate that douche. He broke my best friends heart! He desrves to die. But Summer doesn't want him to see her. So me and Ashton walked past them and acted like nothing happened.

"Oh my chesseburg!, that's the perfect dress for the last or first concert!" Summer said grabbing a strapless dress that would go down to her knees. It was ocean blue with black designs. She went to the changing rooms and tried it on. When she came out, mine and Ashton's mouth dropped open. It looked perfect on her.

"Guys you can stop gawking at me!" she playful punched and and Ashton.

"Sorry Sums, you look really beautiful." We both said hugging her. She laughed and hugged us walking back into the changing station.

~Back at the House~

Lukes POV

"But I love her Mike!!" I screamed in his face. I was filled with so much anger and sadness at the same time. I loved Summer so much I couldn't let her go.

"Your a player Luke!!, you'd just hurt her!!" he screamed in my face.

"Let me prove it to you that I won't! Please just let me! I love her..I love her too much I can't let her go..." I looked down at my feet.

"I'll give you 1week to prove to me that you would hurt her, and if you prove it to me, I'll let you guys be together." he said grabbing some suitcases.

"But how do you want me to prove it to you?" I asked grabbing the other suitcases.

"First: don't be fucking other girls on tour. Second: Alwaysbe there for Summer. and Thrid: Treat her with respect." he put the suitcases in the back of the tour bus. (Btw: the bus got there went summer and the boys left for the mall.)

"I'll do everything thing as you want it." I helped put the rest in the tour bus. As soon as we shut the back doors, Summer jumped on mikes back smiling and laughing.

"Hey bro, hey Luke." she got off and hugged me. I loved it when she'd hug me. I always put my head in the crook of her neck. I was a bit taller than her so I has to bend down a bit to hug her. I love her vanilla scent. I loved everything about her and will always.

"When we picking up the other boys?" Summer asked.

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