How I Fell For You..

Can Luke Hemmings change Summer Clifford, Michael Clifford's sister?

Will Summer Clifford fall in love with Luke Hemmings?

Will Luke break her heart for save her heart from her resent heartbreak?

Read to Find out��☺️


8. ❤️Annie❤️

Ashton's POV (Because why not?)

We finally arrived at the mall. Summer and Cal got out and waited for me behind the car. I grabbed my wallet, my keys and my phone. I got out and locked the car. We started walking in to the store when a bunch of girls came running up to us.

'Oh my god!!, I love you ashy!!' she screamed in my face.

'Omg!!, it's Summer Clifford!!, Mikey's Sis!!' they all started squealing like pigs. I love our fans but, sometimes the screaming gets to me.

'Hey loves!!' Summer tried shouting over the crowd.

'Come girls, we've got to get through.' Cal said trying to push through.

'Nice to see you all!' Summer said following Cal with me right behind her. They all sighed and waved bye to us.

I couldn't believe who I saw! Annie!! Btw she's my girlfriend. We've been together for 1year now. Tomorrow is our anniversary. I had a big date for her. But it's a secret, no one knows!

'Annie!' Ishouted her name.

'Ashy!' she shouted back running up to me. She jumped right in to my arms and hide her face in the crock of my neck and whispered in my ear, "I missed you"

'I missed you more.'

'I missed you most.'

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