How I Fell For You..

Can Luke Hemmings change Summer Clifford, Michael Clifford's sister?

Will Summer Clifford fall in love with Luke Hemmings?

Will Luke break her heart for save her heart from her resent heartbreak?

Read to Find out��☺️


4. 💙Alone together💛

Luke's POV

Cal, Ash, and me were sitting on the couch playing WWE wrestling, then Mike came bursting through the door with Summer in his hands. She looked horrible! There was blood all over her and Mike.

'Dude what happen!?' Calum asked running up to mike.

'Mairanna beat her and then tried to say summer started it first.' Mike said setting Summer down on the couch then running into the kicthen grabbing her a wash cloth to get the blood off her face and hands.

'Mikey I fine, really.' she said looking at all of us.

'No your not fine Summer, if you were, you wouldn't be bleed.' Mike said handing her the wash-cloth. She sighed and took the cloth and started to wipe her face and hands. She tried to get up but her stomach was in so much pain, he fell into my arms. I felt got tears on my arm. She gripped my waist and said,

'Please take me to my room." she said barley a whisper looking at me with red swollen eyes.

'Okay summer." I said picking her up bridal styles, then Mike kissed her forehead and told me to carry her up stairs and stay with her for awhile. So I carried her up the stairs.

"I have to go talk with the principle for a awhile, he just called." Mike said to all of us.

"Okay, do you want us to tag along mate?" Ash and Cal asked.

"Sure, of you don't mind." he said grabbing his keys

"Okay we'll be back later." the three of them said walking out of the door. When the drove off, I was in Summers room helping her get her pjs on.

"Any thing else I can do for you sums?" I asked covering her up.

"Can you stay up here with me please?" she asked with a shakey voice.

"Sure." I said getting next to her under the covers. As soon as the layed next to her, her head was on my chest.

"Gosh Sums, your freezing!" I said holding her tight.

"I scared that's why.." she said getting closer to me. I could feel her heartbeat and feel her hot breath on my bare skin. She was so beautiful. How could anyone be so mean to her? I've a major, major crush on her ever since I layed my eyes on her. No one knows cause if Mikey found out, he'd kill me! Cause think about it, I'm a bad boy, she's a good girl. He'd never except it.

"Nothing to be scared of love." I rested my chin on her head. I could feel her smile on my chest. She looked up at me with her beautiful brown eyes. I loved the way she stared at me when I comforted her.

"Luke, I need to tell you something.." she said looking back at me.

"I need to tell you something too.." I said looking into her eyes.


Hey guys how you liking the story??

What will Summer say to Luke??

Will she finally confess her love for Luke??

I'll try update tonight!!

I'll try to update everyday after school!!

Love you all💋✌️😘💕!

Enjoy! *hands you a cookie*

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