Bad Dreams

Jane needed to get away. From her parents. Her school. Even her hometown. She dyes her hair blonde and trades in her car for a ticket to Australia. She even changes her name. Anything to get away from what haunts her the most.

Marcie is new in Australia. All the kids know that she moved here from England. They don't bother her and she doesn't bother them. Except one. Calum Hood is curious about this new girl. Something tells him that she needs help. But she doesn't know that he sees her. Yet.

"You can't hide in the Library anymore" He says, standing right in front of me. Stopping me from escaping.

He looks straight into my eyes.

"It's too late. I've seen you


1. Prologue

I started running when I was 16. I saved up every penny I could from my job to help me. I even sold my car, the only possession I could really call my own. I couldn't afford expensive trainers, so I bought myself the cheapest Nike shoes money could buy. I needed most of the money for my last purchase. But still, I felt proud knowing that I had earned them. All those long hours at work suddenly seem worth it. The first time I tied the laces of my trainers, I felt secure. Safe. I walked out of that shop like I had achieved something. My next purchase was hair dye. I walked into the local chemist and looked at all the bright array of hair colours on display. I needed something that would help me blend in, so I pulled myself away from the cherry reds and purples to look at the blondes. They were supposed to be dumb weren't they? I didn't want the honey, cheerleader blonde colour. At the end of the blondes, at the very back shelf there was box of pale blonde hair dye. I knew then, that was the colour for me. My last stop was the library. But I wasn't hunting for books this time. I remember Mrs Williams asking if I was back again for another recommendation. I smiled sadly and shook my head at her. I wasn't allowed to take books home anymore. Not since what happened last time. At the back of the library there are three rusty, old computers. Since I owned no electronic devices myself, this would have to do. Opening up internet explorer, i researched for places to go. I knew I needed to get away as far as possible, preferably on the other side of the world. Japan? China? America? Then I found it. Australia It sounded so foreign and strange. I found out that I would have to board 2 planes to get there. I went on the Singapore Airlines website and clicked on the ticket prices. I remember praying that they wouldn't be expensive. I remember sighing with relief when the price matched the money I had left. Within a few minutes the ticket was printed and folded carefully into my bag. With a quick wave to Mrs Williams, I walked out of the library. It only just occurred to me that it was the last time I would ever see her. The closest thing I had to a friend was the local librarian. What a loner. When I arrived home, I remember creeping through the door and up the stairs to my room. I knew I had to act fast. No one was home. Yet. I dragged my backpack out from under my bed. I was already packed. I threw in the last bit of change I had in my purse and zipped it shut. I grabbed the hair dye and ran to the bathroom. I took one look at my waist long curly black hair. The only thing I had left of probably the one person who ever loved me. I applied the hair dye and waited for 15 minutes. You were supposed to wait 20 but I was running out of time. I grabbed the scissors and cut a straight line past my shoulders. The cut hair floated down to the ground. I picked up two handfuls an stuffed them in the bin. I looked in the mirror as I straightened up. It just occurred to me then that I needed to dye my eyebrows to match my hair. I almost laughed out loud. I grabbed my ancient Nokia phone and threw it into the side pocket of my bag. Wiping the dye off my eyebrows I ran down the stairs and out the door. I'd made it! I ran down the street and caught the train to Heathrow. When I arrived, I felt like everyone was watching me. I was waiting for someone to yell out 'that girl is running away from home!' I kept my head down and managed to slowly calm my breathing. I received my ticket and changed my English money into Australian dollars. I sat by the window on the plane next to an elderly couple. They asked me if I was going on holiday. That had stumped me there. I'd forgotten to make up a back story of why I was actually in Australia. So I told them I was visiting relatives and staying there for a year or two. They introduced themselves as Joyce and Arnold. Then they asked me what my name was. My name. Jane Elizabeth Henley. Stupid British name. I realised that saying my real was too risky. I needed a new one. The name of my mothers aunt popped into my mind. For no apparent reason. Marcie. I thought that it had sounded strong, with a hint of girlishness that suited my look perfectly. Last name would have to be sorted out later of course. Probably a middle name as well. We had to stop at Singapore and board another plane to get to Australia. I slept through most of the flights. I had packed no other entertainment. Joyce offered to teach me how to crochet. I politely declined. I had been on a plane before. With my mother. To meet her fiancée, who I had never met, in France. That trip determined the next 3 years of my life. It doesn't exactly bring back the happiest of memories. I was woken by Joyce shaking my arm and telling me we had arrived in Australia. I thanked her for waking me and we said goodbye. When I stepped out of the plane, the sun nearly blinded me. It was scorching hot, and I was standing there in jeans and an old jumper. I must have looked like an idiot. I made my way through security and grabbed my bag. I had nowhere to stay or go to. I am now 17 years old. And I'm still running.
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