Bad Dreams

Jane needed to get away. From her parents. Her school. Even her hometown. She dyes her hair blonde and trades in her car for a ticket to Australia. She even changes her name. Anything to get away from what haunts her the most.

Marcie is new in Australia. All the kids know that she moved here from England. They don't bother her and she doesn't bother them. Except one. Calum Hood is curious about this new girl. Something tells him that she needs help. But she doesn't know that he sees her. Yet.

"You can't hide in the Library anymore" He says, standing right in front of me. Stopping me from escaping.

He looks straight into my eyes.

"It's too late. I've seen you


6. broken things

J A N E *Flashback* I look at my new room. It's not really a room. More like a cupboard under the stairs. I drag my suitcase onto my bed to unpack. I take out the photograph of me and mum. The frame is a bit chipped and there's a couple of cracks in the glass. It goes on the wobbly chest of drawers next to my cactus that I bought for 50p at the market. One of the drawers doesn't open and one of the handles has fallen off. The clothes get shoved into the bottom of the wardrobe to be unpacked later. Along with 2 pairs of shoes. Cold, wooden floor with no carpet or rug. A draft coming from the window. A broken light bulb. Mum comes in half an hour later. Tells me we'll be fine now. That no one will hurt us anymore. That we have a lovely new home and should be grateful to Uncle Ray. Another Uncle. I'm certainly not calling him dad. She tells me she loves me. She promises she won't ever leave me and we'll be happy. Ray lurks in the doorway smirking at me over my mums shoulder. He knows as well as I do. Her words mean nothing. Her promises are made to be broken. Sometimes I do believe her. Sometimes I see a glimmer of hope, so far in the distance it's almost impossible to see. Almost. And then it starts again. Another doctors appointment must be scheduled. Another promise broken.
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