But that's impossible

He's back.


1. Welcome home

"Doctor?" How is he on the phone? How? This is impossible! 

"Clara! How are you?" The Doctor answered, swinging his gun around and whacking a Cynerman upside the head. 

"Not so good," How is it him? is it him? "Is this, is this really you? My Doctor?

"Clara, I'm kind of in the middle of a space war, this isn't really the time for messing around and I desperately need to fix my bowtie, can I call you back later?"

"Doctor..." Clara's voice trailed off into a sob, a single, heartbreaking sob. "P-p-please."


Clara slid down against her closed and locked bedroom door. She was on the TARDIS, but it didn't feel like the TARDIS anymore. How had she just called him? How? It was impossible. Completely and utterly impossible. 

Because the Doctor was gone. 

Or at least, her Doctor was gone.

The man in the console room was far from her Doctor. She didn't quite trust him. Then again, why shouldn't she? 

Why should she? 

Clara realized it was childish, what with the whole hiding in her bedroom thing and whatnot, but she did. Not. Trust. This. Man. Where her Doctor had been jut moments ago now stood an older, darker man who had no idea how to even fly his own ship. He claimed to be the Doctor. She was on the Doctor's ship with the Doctor and she had just talked to the old Doctor on the phone. 


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