But that's impossible

He's back.


2. The call

Clara took a deep breath and fought back the tears forming in the corners of her eyes as she examined the symbols burning on her forearm. Her phone, neglected, vibrated on her leg. The Doctor was calling, but Clara didn't hear him as she looked down at her arm one more time. 

She could read it. 

Wolf, it read. That was all. Wolf. Clara's phone stopped vibrating and then started again, and this time he snapped back to her senses and looked down at it. 


The Doctor. 

Clara picked up the phone and stared at it for a moment. Then she slowly pressed answer, and brought the device to her ear. 

"Clara? Clara, can you hear me?"


"Clara! Good, you're alive. You beautiful human, how did you manage it?"

"How did I manage what?" Clara asked in a monotone. She needed to find something sharp and relieve the pain. 

"Clara, listen to me," the Doctor said. She could practically see him reaching out and grabbing her shoulders, turning her gently towards him in a manner that never made Clara uncomfortable, even though it probably should have. "I regenerated."

"I noticed."

"Well, that man in the console room, he isn't me. That isn't my regeneration."

Clara sucked in a breath sharply. 

"Who is it?" She demanded, digging the edge of her dresser into her arm. 

"Clara, that man is named Senrick. My sworn enemy. He can take on any form. He's after you, Clara. He has been all your life. He wants you as a Wolf."

"Explain, please!" Clara shrilled, her voice going up several octaves on the last syllable. Blood dripped from her arm as she shoved herself against the dresser edge once again, forcing the sharp corner into her skin. 

"Stop hurting yourself," The Doctor consoled her gently. 

"How did you know?" Clara asked, not stopping. 

"Clara. My beautiful Clara. I'm right in front of you."

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