But that's impossible

He's back.



"You're...." The Doctor circled the man, Sonicing him the entire time.  

"You're..." The man answered, pulling out a Sonic of his own and Sonicing the Doctor.  

"We're..." The Doctor said again.  

"Timelord." They said in unison, lowering their Sonics.  

"How?" The man asked.  

"Hard to explain.  Dalek.  Bad Wolf.  Senrick.  Gallifrey.  Regeneration?"



"Yeah.  Tenth?"




The Doctors both looked down at the memory of Rose Tyler.  

"Is she still alive?" Eleven asked.  The tenth Doctor shook his head.  

"I heard she died in a car crash two days ago."

"Two days?"


They hung their heads again, and all was quiet for a moment.  

Then a cough punctured the air.  

"Clara!" Eleven yelled.  His companion was now curled into a fetal position, her nerves slowly shutting down, her teeth slowly sharpening themselves.  Transforming.  

"I need your help," he said to Ten, bent over Clara, holding her head, hand tangled in her hair, the other arm wrapped around her waist, low, and his forehead touching hers in an intimate position that her usual self would've protested to.  

Her eyes shot open.  

The Doctor brought back his head, allowing Clara a little room to move before he bent over her again, dropping a kiss into her hair along with a few tears.  

"What happened?" Clara gasped, color returning to her face as she tested her limbs, moving her arms and legs.  "And who is he?" She mentioned to Ten.  

"Umm...long story." Eleven replied.  "I'm just glad you're-"

Clara's eyes glazed.  Glassy, yellowed eyes, pale skin again, robotic movement, teeth sharpened into points.  

"Clara!  Clara!  Clara, fight it!  Come on, Clara!  My impossible girl, come on!  Fight it!"  Clara's back arched violently as she took in a breath and didn't let it out.  Then she spoke.  When she spoke, it was her voice, the only part left of her being that Senrick hadn't invaded.  It was her mind, her words, telling the Doctor one last thing before she faded into Senrick.  One last sentence, before she was gone forever.  Before Clara Oswald was gone, replaced by a Wolf. The words were only a whisper.  Barely audible. But the Doctor understood.  He always had.  

"Run--run you clever boy, and- and- and remember."

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