But that's impossible

He's back.


4. (Im)Possible

Another low growl escaped Clara's lips as blood dripped from her mouth.  

The wolf inside was waking.  

Clara shook her head quickly, managing to whip the Doctor's face with a million strands of hair as she did. 

"How is this happening?!?" Clara cried, doubling over.  "I wasn't even near Senrick!"  The Doctor wrapped an arm around her waist and let her lean on him.  

"Oh trust me, if Senrick wants you, he gets you."  Clara bit her bottom lip again, her teeth worrying her tongue.  

A jerk.  

The wolf inside was waking.  

Clara growled again, hunching her shoulders as her mind fought her body.  The Doctor etched in horror as his companion's body slowly started transforming.  It was barely noticeable at first, just a slow roll of the shoulders or twich of the legs.  But Clara was changing.  Slowly, quietly, changing.  

There was only one thing that could stop the transformation before it was complete.  


The Doctor grabbed Clara's shoulders and made her look at him.  

"Come on, Clara!  Fight it!  Win!  You can do it!  Come on!"  The Doctor's teeth worrying his lip, he scooped up Clara's now-limp body in his arms and ran out of the room, her head laying back, her legs tucked up around her body.  

He took her to the center of the TARDIS.  

He took her back.  

Once in the room, the Doctor had to act fast.  There wasn't much he could do, but with a little Timelord science, he was sure he could at least slow the transformation.  Then he could take her to New New New New New New Earth,  where he could (maybe) find a cure, or at least keep her safe for a while.  


As quick as possible, the Doctor pulled out his Sonic and ran the institment over Clara's entire body.  She was looking worse now, her back arched, breathing coming in short gasps, wheezing and shaking as she fought the alien taking over her body, switching off nerves and cells to program her exactly the way he wanted.  

"Not this time you don't!" The Doctor yelled to no one as he attached a wire to the Sonic, pressing it on Clara's stomach. 

There was a man.  

The Doctor slowly stood up.  

Pulled out his Sonic.  

Soniced the man.  


How could this be?

This man was a Timelord.  


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