But that's impossible

He's back.


6. I saved her

Needless to say, the Doctor didnt run.  

Instead he pressed his forehead against Clara's as she faded out of her human consciousness, slipping farther and farther into the beast inside.  Her breaths were short and choppy, her pulse weak, skin pale and eyes glassy.  The tenth Doctor leaned against a wall, watching the scene with old, sad eyes. This was him, and he cared about this woman, and he truly loved her.  And this was how it ended.  With her turning into an alien wolf and probably devouring him in a second.  

And there was nothing he could do.  

As Ten watched, Eleven Soniced Clara again and again, hitting the instrument with the palm of his hand angrily.  He stood up.  

"She's still in there." He said, breathless and hurting.  "She's trapped in her own mind, screaming.  But it's her.  She's in there."

"It's impossible." Ten said, shaking his head.  "We can't.  A Timelord can't do that."

"But there's two of us!" Eleven protested, pulling out his Sonic.  "Two Timelords."

"It won't work."

"We can try."

"I can't do that."

"You can."

"I can't!"

"Try.  Do it for Rose.  Do it for Donna, and for Sarah Jane and all the people you couldn't save.  Save her for me.  Please.  I need her.  I need her.  You need her." Eleven pleaded.  


"Fine."  The two Timelords connected their Sonics.  "Now, if we can get an electrical current running through both the Sonics, we can put one on her head and one on her arm.  Senrick's inside her body, and when we activate the Sonics, it'll kill him."

"That was easier than I expected."

"Ah, it's never that simple."


"There is a slight chance that when we activate the Sonics, it will not only kill Senrick, but it will....it will also kill Clara."

"I can't take that chance."

"Then she's a goner."

"I...I can't do it."

"Then I will.  Because, Doctor, if you won't do this, I have to.  You made a point earlier.  I can't lose another one.  I can't let another precious companion fall into the void.  I need this.  And you need her.  You know you do, Doctor, so don't even try to deny it.  She's your everything.  And I can't just take that away from you.  So if you won't try and save Clara, I will.  Give me your Sonic."

The Doctor stood stock still and looked at the ground.  

"I don't want to."

"You have to."

"I'll do it."

The Doctors crossed their Sonics.  Eleven connected the wire.  Then, all at once, they pressed the screwdrivers against Clara's skin, an ear-splitting screech filling the room as the power of both Sonics flowed into Clara's fragile form, reopening her systems, killing off every trace of Senrick before he could escape her body.  Trapped in his own trap.  Senrick was gone.  

Was Clara?

The Doctors bent over her pale body as Clara shook inhumanly, jerking to the left and right violently.  Eleven held his breath.  Ten watched with sad eyes, remembering those he lost and wishing on every star he'd ever visited that Clara wouldn't be another lost soul.  

Her brown eyes slowly opened, her hair spread in a fan around her.  The dress she was wearing was twisted around her thighs, the top few buttons unbuttoned, just revealing a hint of her black bra.  She looked as beautiful as ever to the Doctor, though.  

And she was alive.  

For the moment.  

It was then that the realization hit the Doctors.  

They were in the center of the TARDIS. 

A human couldn't survive two minutes without bursting into flames.  

Then again, Clara wasn't exactly human when Eleven had carried her into the room.  

But now....

They had to leave.  The Doctor ran a hand through Clara's hair, tears dripping down his face and landing on her chest, lips pressed to her forehead. 

Then he grabbed her.  

He grabbed Clara and ran.  

And didn't look back.  

The tenth Doctor stood alone in his TARDIS, processing everything that had just happened.  And then it hit him.  

I saved her. 

I saved a companion.  

I did it.  

And I couldn't save Rose, and I couldn't save Donna, and I couldn't save Sarah Jane, but I saved her.  

And that's all that matters, because she meant everything to me.  

She was my sun, and my stars, and my moon.  

She was my galaxy, and in all the galaxies out there, I loved her the most.  

And I saved her.  

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