Don't Stop


1. Emily

I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my body, then another around my head. I walked out of the bathroom, over to my desk to get my hair dryer.


As I bent over to unplug the dryer, I noticed something blinking on my laptop screen. I straightened up and checked it out.


It was an email. I looked at the subject line, and my heart started to race. It read: "Five Seconds of Summer Tour Contest". I stared at it, afraid to open it.


A month ago, I had entered a contest to tour with Five Seconds of Summer for two months, all expenses paid. I had only entered it for fun. I didn't think I had a single chance of winning, considering all the girls who probably entered. I hadn't thought about it once after I entered the contest.


Finally, my hand shaking, I opened the email. I read the first sentence, read it again, and then a third time, just to be sure. Then I screamed. I won! I won the contest! I was going to tour with 5SOS for two whole months! I couldn't believe it.


Once I was done fangirling, I sat down and read the rest of the email. It gave me the information about the flight to London to meet up with the band, and the dates of the tour. Attached to the email was a plane ticket and a list of tour bus essentials. My flight was scheduled for six o'clock tomorrow morning.


I sat there in my desk chair, grinning like an idiot. I was going on tour with the best band ever, and there was nothing stopping me. I glanced at the picture of my mother sitting next to my laptop. She died almost a year ago, when I was fifteen. Luckily she signed the papers for my emancipation before she died, so I wouldn't have to live with my two-timing father and his lame girlfriend. She left all her money and a small apartment, so I wouldn't be stranded. As I smiled at her picture, tears came to my eyes. My mom would have been so happy for me if she were here.


"I miss you, Mom. But I'm going on tour! I won't be alone anymore." I blew her a kiss and went back to the bathroom to put on my pajamas.


I was going to get on that plane tomorrow, and I was going to have the best time of my life.

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