The Night Of The Two Doctors

*for a contest* Oh yes, that's right. It's the Doctor.

Your Doctor.

He's back.





He was real.  

He held her at night.  He came from a police box as well, but one of a different color, darker, and he didn't wear a bowtie.  

To add onto that, the hair.  

Some amazing hair.  

He was lonely, this man.  

Another Timelord.  

Angela knew they were real.  Both police boxes came at the same time.  The man would step out of the darker one and sit on her bed and call her Rose.  The other man would step out of the lighter one and watch her with sad eves and call her Oswin.  

They never confused Angela.
She knew them.  

How could she forget?

She couldn't.  

The dorm room was still warm when Angela woke up.  

The box was still there.  

As she opened her eyes, she caught it leaving.  

She wanted him to stay.  


But forever never lasts.  


Sometimes, when the Doctor came, he would close his eyes and whisper things to her.  

Then the other Doctor would say "no, not yet."

Not yet.  

Then one night, the Doctor without the bowtie stopped showing up.  

One night he was there, then he wasn't.  

Angela felt alone without him.  



"Go to sleep, Angela," the Doctor whispered to her the first night.  "He can't be here.  But I'm here."  

That was the first time he called her Angela.  

And the last.  

Two night later, it happened.  

Angela lay in bed, gasping for air, blood staining her sheets, flowing from her abdomen.  

"Doctor," she rasped.  

The boxes showed up at the same time. 

Both Doctors, there for her in her last moments.  

Always there.  

Always watching.  

Always her Doctors.  

Eleven kneeled by her bedside, and took her hand in his and pressed his forehead against hers and dripped tears onto her stained cheeks.  

Ten held her other hand and stroked her fingers and the spaces between them and cried a single tear at the thought of losing yet another one.  

Another one.  

One too many.  

All to many.  

Angela took a forceful breath.  In, slowly, shakily.  Eleven cupped her cheek with his hand.  Ten gently bent over her and looked into her eyes.  

Angela didn't know what to do in her last moments.  

so she looked at the Doctors.

She memorized their faces in the last seconds before her dying breath.  

Ten dropped a tear into her hair.  

Everything blurred, and Angela took in another shaky breath.  She knew it would be her last.  The Doctors leaned down and kissed her cheeks softly, still holding her hands, always her Doctors. 

"Goodbye, Angela.  Go to sleep."


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