The Night Of The Two Doctors

*for a contest* Oh yes, that's right. It's the Doctor.

Your Doctor.

He's back.



Angela stood up.

"I know you."

"Yes, you do."


"I visit sometimes."


"You're special."

"No I'm not."

The Doctor held out a slip of paper.  On it were dozens of Gallifreyan symbols. 

"Read this."

"Gallifrey falls no more.  The Doctor's oath keeps the light glowing.  War and peace go together.  In her darker night, he comforts her.  Dalek.  Rose."

"You are special."


"That's the language of the Timelords. And you just read it."

Angela stood, unfazed, looking up at the Doctor.  She blinked slowly, her eyelids closing over her hazel eyes and sluggishly opening again in a few seconds.  

"How?" She asked.  

When she opened her eyes, she was in her dorm room.  

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