The World According to Lauren

Ginger. Antisocial. Possibly slightly hot headed. What are the chances of one English redhead meeting Michael Clifford? Almost impossible. However there is almost no chance of him falling in love with one. Almost.


2. Stress, Capital FM and Social Interaction

I seemed to be getting stressed at everything lately. Capital FM playing the same music over and over, my parents bugging me to actually leave my room and finally my love life. Which in case you're wondering, doesn't exist. YES, I go to an all girls school. YES it sucks not having any guys there. And YES I do get a little bit excited when the young gardeners come towards the end of summer. I am so lame. Scrolling through Tumblr, everyone seems to be doing something interesting or going somewhere nice. Not me. Just staying in rainy old England. With one awesome trip to Scotland. I might fit in more there though due to the fact that most redheads live in Scotland. My phone buzzes. "Hello?" "HELLO" "Oh, hi Maddie" "Face it, you are so excited to hear from me. I mean, no offence, but who else would be ringing you apart from your Mum?" Ouch that hurt. "True, but what do you want?" "You are such a moody shit... But I wanted to ask if you felt like joining me and Victoria to a trip to London tomorrow. That is if you feel like leaving your room" Tomorrow? Effort. "Fine, will meet you at the train station at 9" "Smell ya later" I chuckle quietly "Bye Maddie" I said, hanging up. I have only known Maddie for a year, but she always manages to make me smile. I think about texting Lauren, but decide against it because she never has her bloody phone on. So that also stresses me out if I need a normal conversation. I turn off my computer and put my headphones. I debate which song to put on, but in the end just end up putting on The 1975. Another thing that stresses me is when Maddie tries to tell me Matt Healy looks like he's just walked out of a dustbin. Secretly, I know she is right, but I just like the argument to be honest. I pick at my hair. I like being ginger, but it does sometimes act like boy repellent. I used to have this joke that whenever I saw a ginger boy, I think 'he'll do, gotta keep the race going'. Not anymore, I've pretty much given up on the male species now. Now I just have to worry about London tomorrow. Urgh, social interaction. Yet another stress. I can't help it if i don't like people touching me! Annoyed, I pickup the Fault in our Stars, it literally saved my life on the German exchange trip. The words merge into sentences and all that exists is just me and Hazel Grace. "My mother decided I was depressed, presumably because I rarely left the house, spent quite a lot of time in bed, read the same book over and over, ate infrequently, and devoted quite a bit of my abundant free time thinking about death." The Fault in our Stars by John Green
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