The World According to Lauren

Ginger. Antisocial. Possibly slightly hot headed. What are the chances of one English redhead meeting Michael Clifford? Almost impossible. However there is almost no chance of him falling in love with one. Almost.


3. Starbucks and Strangers

On 'le tube' en route to Camden. I'm in a slightly French mood today. Well that's weird, since I do German. I don't actually know what train is in French. I'll ask Victoria later, but for now we shall stick to 'le tube'. I'm trying to listen to Fall Out Boy on my phone, but Maddie just keeps raving on about this stupid band called 5sos. "What the hell is 5sos?" I ask. "It's short for 5 Seconds of Summer." "But I thought there were only 4 of them?" Now I'm just confused. "There ARE only 4 of them, God Lauren keep up! And Calum is just soooooooo sweet..." And she's off again. This stuff is just too confusing. I hum quietly to 'sugar we're going down' Am I more than you bargained for yet I've been dying to tell you anything you want to hear Cause that's just who I am this week Lie in the grass, next to the mausoleum I'm just a notch in your bedpost But you're just a line in a song "Hello?" Victoria waves her hand in front of my face. "Sorry, lemme just finish the album" I say as Vicky rolls her eyes and pats my head affectionately. As I get to the last song of the album I take out my earphones and attempt to join conversation. Surprise, surprise Maddie is still banging on about that stupid band. As she babbles on, I manage to catch a sentence from her. "Who has purple hair!" I exclaimed. "Michael does, and it's not purple, it's galaxy" she replies. "What, like Vicky's leggings?" I frown as I try to imagine galaxy colored hair. The only image that springs to mind is a guy wearing galaxy leggings on his head. I quickly shake it off. "Yeah, but only much cooler" Vicky answers staring dreamily into the distance. "Is he gay?" I ask questioningly. Vicky's head whips round again "NO!" "Yeah, okay I believe you" I reply, rolling my eyes. "HE ISN'T!" She practically screams. "Okay, Vicky calm down and Lauren stop winding her up!" Maddie says trying to calm down Vicky. I watch London roll past our window and finally grind to a halt at Covent Garden Station. After stepping outside, there is much debate as to where to go. Maddie wants to go Boris Biking, whilst Vicky wants to go shopping. Me? I just want to go home. Finally, Maddie and Vicky agree to Boris Bike to Camden Market to get some decent shopping done. "Guys, I'll meet you there I'm just gonna grab a caramel crème blend from Starbucks" I shout, already halfway down the lane. I mean, I love them really, but there really is no point letting someone get too close and you end up pushing them away anyway. Better to stay at a safe distance. I order my drink and head to Camden to meet up with the lunatics. Suddenly, I see this flash of purple as I bump into something or someone. Hard. "Hey, watch where you're going!" The guy said in an annoyed tone. "Well excuse me, but you were the one bombing it round the corner at 50 miles an hour!" I snap back angrily. It's only just then that I notice his purple hair. Wait, not purple...galaxy. "Hey, you're that Michael guy from 6 Seconds of Winter?" He starts to laugh. He is actually bending over the pavement with his hands on his knees laughing. Cheeky little shit. I cross my arms "I'm sorry, but what is so funny? Care to share?" He chokes back his laugh "no, no nothing" "Right" I say, bored of this conversation already. "Well I have to go, bye" As I walk away I make sure to purposefully bump into his shoulder with my head held high. Except he is as hard as a bloody rock! I grimace and rub my shoulder. I turn and glare at him with so much force, my eyeballs hurt. As I walk away, I can hear his laughter following me down the street. Cheeky little shit.
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