The World According to Lauren

Ginger. Antisocial. Possibly slightly hot headed. What are the chances of one English redhead meeting Michael Clifford? Almost impossible. However there is almost no chance of him falling in love with one. Almost.


7. Phone Numbers and Surprises

"Um, hello?" I bite my lip. I don't know who the hell this guy even is. His voice is kinda low and husky, but has soft edge to it. I snap back into reality. Stop thinking about the voice and ask the bloody obviously question! "Who are you?" I ask. I hear shuffling down the end of the line, he sounds uncomfortable. Well, that makes two of us. "Um, Luke?" He phrases it more like a question. Does this guy not even know his own name? (HA, bet you guys thought it was gonna be Michael!) "And can I ask why you are on Maddie's phone?" I am getting slightly impatient now. Does this guy just use 'um' before every sentence? Wow, this is awkward. "Oh! We met last night and she was kinda drunk, so I offered to drive her home and now she is passed out on the sofa.." He trails off. So that's where she went last night, I thought to myself. She must have been with Luke. He shuffles around again. "Do you think you could, um, come over?" He asks tentatively. "It's just that I don't really know..." "What to do" I finish for him. Smiling slightly, I shake my head. FINALLY I have met someone as awkward as me. "Yeah" He says. It's almost like I can feel him smiling into the phone. Alright, alright. I know that you cannot hear someone smile, but leave me alone okay? Great, now I'm talking to myself. "Areyou still there?" Shit. "YES, yes, I was just... um... talking to myself?" Oh great, just blurt that out why don't you. "First sign of madness" He chuckles. "Yes, well, I'll be over in 5 minutes" I say, unable to think of a good comeback. "Bye" Well that was interesting. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Standing outside Maddie's front door, I rummage through my bag to find the key, when the door opens. I look up to see a tall figure standing there. He towered above me. His blonde hair was drawn into a quiff, all fluffy around his ears. He looked awkward and shy but the laugh lines by his eyes told me otherwise. His teeth played with a black ring tucked around his lower lip. He looked up and flashed a nervous smile. "Hi" He says. He sticks out his hand "I'm Luke" I stare at the hand. Calm down Lauren it has been 5 or 6 years since you have had physical contact with boys. Get a grip. You can do this. I quickly grab his hand and shake it really hard. What am I doing? "I'm Lauren" I say, refusing to make eye contact. He pulls away. "Ow" He says laughing,oh God, his laughter sounds like music. Focus Lauren, focus. "You have a mean grip". I mentally facepalm myself. I'm such an idiot. Suddenly the floor seems very interesting. "Right" Time to take action Lauren, pull yourself together. "I'll just go and check on Maddie then" I say and attempt to sashay. YES sashay, through the door. But the world has other plans. I manage to completely miss the first step and start to plummet towards the ground. Great. However, just before I make my farewell speech, I feel strong arms wrap around my small frame. There is no sound. I slowly peek out of one eye to find Luke's face right in front of me. I give a shriek and wobble slightly, but his arms keep me from embarrassing myself further. My grey eyes meet his blue ones. Damn, I could get lost in them. Oh no, I can feel my cheeks start to heat up at the physical contact and I manage to tear myself away from his gaze and look at anything but him. "Okay, what the hell have I missed?!" I look up and see Maddie standing in the doorway with her hands blocking out the direct light. Normally I would make fun of her hangover, but I was a little bit preoccupied. "It's not what it looks like" Luke stutters nervously letting go of me. "Did she trip over the step?" Maddie asked. "Yeaah" Said Luke, obviously wondering where this was going. I feel my cheeks start to heat up again. Don't tell him Maddie, Don't tell him. "She trips over it every time she comes to my house" She says with a laugh. I glare at her with as much force as I can muster, which takes a surprising amount of energy. Luke starts to laugh. And laugh. And laugh. I manage to crack a smile, I suppose it is kind of funny. Soon I've joined in with the laughter, not being able to hold it back anymore. Soon the laughter subsides. "You have an amazing laugh" He says, smiling. A member of the opposite sex just gave you a compliment. Calm down. "No one's ever said that to me before" I say without thinking. I clamp my hand over my mouth. Do I have no filter around males or what? Why not just tell him your life story Lauren? Idiot. "Well someone should" Luke mumbles, staring at the floor. Um,do I say thank you? "Sooo.." I say,rocking back and on my heels. "Are you staying?" He looks up from his shoes "No, Michaels coming to pick me up" "I know this is a weird question, but is he nice?" I ask, thinking back from last night with the rude purple headed guy. He chuckles "Apart from his appearence, he is most probably the most normal out of the band. I think you'll like him" He looks me straight in the eyes again and bites his lip. His tongue carefully plays with his lip ring. I find myself watching the patterns his tongue makes as it twists and pulls around his mouth. I shake my head quickly and look back up at his eyes again. He's smirking. The little shit is smirking! Not that I mind, he is like a GOD. I feel like yelling 'Oi Cupid! You can come out now, jokes over'. "Can I have your number?" I snap back into reality. What? Two guys numbers in two days?! Thats more than I've ever had in 5 YEARS. I act casual. "Sure" I shrug, getting out my phone. Just as I'm putting Luke's number into my phone, a car pulls up outside Maddie's house. This must be Michael, I think to myself. I concentrate on my phone to pick an emoji to go next to Luke's name. Luke clears his throat "Lauren this is Michael" I look up from my phone, smiling because I found the right heart emoji for Luke's name. My smile drops like a stone from my face. I nearly drop my phone in surprise. Purple Hair. Is. Michael.
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