The World According to Lauren

Ginger. Antisocial. Possibly slightly hot headed. What are the chances of one English redhead meeting Michael Clifford? Almost impossible. However there is almost no chance of him falling in love with one. Almost.


5. Fire Alarms and Rejected Hugs

...And manage to set off all the fire alarms. Great. Well I guess that's one way to make an exit. It didn't help, now loads of people are swarming towards the exit. Oh dear God, can't breathe can't breathe. "Hey!" I turn around, it's purple hair. "Grab my hand!" He shouts. What? I hesitate for 2 seconds before grabbing on. He manages to pull us away from the crowd and round the back of the building. He doesn't say anything to me until we get there. I slump against the wall and fall so that I'm sitting on the ground. He crouches down and puts his hand on my shoulder. "Are you okay?" He asks, surprisingly gentle. "I'm fine" I snap angrily. Oh shit, that made me sound like I was ungrateful. Just as he turns to walk away, I blurt out "Thanks!". "It's okay." He deliberates for a second, playing with a piece of gravel on the ground. Then he starts to laugh. And laugh. And laugh. I am so confused, do I have something on my face? "What?" I ask him, one eyebrow raised. He smiles and says "this is probably the most awkward situation ever and the wrong time to be asking this, but can I have your number?" My jaw drops. Literally. "YOU, want MY number?" I ask, astounded. Now he looks confused. Yeah mate, that makes the two of us. "Why not?" he asks, puzzled. Oh crap. I want to say how no one of the male species has ever asked for my number before, but that makes me seem inexperienced. No, the answer I gave was probably worse. "Because you're an inconsiderate asshole who likes to race around corners and spill peoples coffee whilst attempting to seduce them with your purple hair! He looks at me in disbelief. "Seduce?!" Oh shit, now I've made a mess. I turn to make my escape back down the alley when he says casually, "I did kinda just save your life" He says smirking. I'm really fed up now. "Fine" I gave him my number. I don't even know the guy, but I have a feeling that what he wants, he gets. Urgh and it had to be me of all people. He directs me back to the train station. I'm just about to thank him for helping me when suddenly he looms towards me with his arms outstretched. Hug. He wants a hug. Really? I pull away "no, no, no" I look at him. I can see he is going to ask why I am rejecting his hug. "1. I have only known you for 4 hours and 2. I do not like people touching me!" I take a deep breath before continuing "and I thought that maybe you didn't like it either." "Why would you think that?" He asks. My mind flashes back to when we were attacked by the mob. I remember his panicked face. "Because back there you looked kinda panicked too so I assumed that you didn't like it either" I mumbled. His face flashes with another emotion. It's over too quick to determine what the emotion was. "I wasn't panicked because I have Haphephobia (fear of people touching you) I was panicked because, because... He trails off. "Because?" I ask, both eyebrows raised this time. "Because you're so annoying!" He suddenly blurts out. "Excuse me?" I choke "You were panicked because I'm annoying? WHat the hell is that supposed to mean?" "You're so stupid" "Says the guy with purple hair" "I have better things to do" "So do I" "Fine" "Fine" He stomps off angrily down the street. As I pay for my ticket and board my train, I can't help but feel slightly disappointed. Still, if it wasn't because of that why did he look panicked. Urgh, men. I groan slightly. "Cheer up love, It can't be that bad" The guy says next to me. I roll my eyes. "You have NO idea."
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