Please Remember Me

Amy Irwin, younger sibling of Ashton Irwin from 5 Seconds of Summer, has been dating Luke Hemmings for two years now. They're very much in love. But, when Luke comes back from his tour and gets into a crash, he's put into a serious coma. Will Luke remember Amy as anything but a friend after this tragedy? Or will there still be feelings in there somewhere?


6. chapter 5

***Amy's POV***

"So you guys actually going to practice cause you have a huge performance soon.. As well as two tours?"

"Right" Mikey came over to Luke and I, grabbed Luke's arm and dragged him over to his mic stand and guitar. The other boys started playing songs that of course were songs Luke doesn't remember. How stupid are they?

"Guys!" Everything stopped. "You do realize you need to teach Luke all of your songs he doesn't remember right?" Ashton face-palmed.

"Of course. We were just warming up." I just gave him a look. Michael walked over to Luke and started teaching him the entire album plus the EPs and covers. Luke's face turned from confused to concentrated. His blue eyes looking at Mikey's hands playing a chord and then would attempt to repeat the action. A tear slipped down my cheek and I have no idea why, but Mikey saw.

"Amy, can I talk to you in private?" I nodded and we walked inside to where nobody could hear us. "Are you alright? I saw you crying."

"Of course I'm not okay. My boyfriend doesn't remember me." I got out with a crack in my voice escaping. He engulfed me in a hug.

"It's okay Ams. I know how you feel." I pulled away from the hug and gave him a look.

"No you don't Michael. You don't know how I feel at all."

"Luke is my best friend. Watching him g-"

"At least he remembers who you are! Do you know how I felt when I first saw him after waking up. I was so relieved he was alright. Then when he didn't even know who I was, I was heartbroken. He knows you two are best friends. He doesn't know that I love him."

"You know what you're right. I have no idea how you feel."

"I-I'm your boyfriend?" I whipped around to see Luke standing there with an upset look on his face. I just stood there speechless. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Luke, you have to understand I did this for the greater good." He shook his head. "I just didn't want you to be overwhelmed by all this information. And your career is more important." He shook his head once more.

"How long did we go out?" He shut his eyes awaiting for the answer.

"Two years. But you have to understand with everything going on Luke. It was overwhelming for me for you to have amnesia. I'm sure it was way more overwhelming for you realizing how many people have become a fan of you and I didn't want to overwhelm you even more. I'm sorry Luke. I really love you. But you also don't know me so I could have been lying and why woul-" by the time he cut me off I was in tears (yeah I realize I cry a lot but you would too if your boyfriend got amnesia and forgot who you were) and the other two boys came in. Ashton came over to me and put his arms around me.

"I understand."

"Really?" I was shocked. I sure wouldn't forgive someone for that.

"Well, no. Yes? Maybe. I don't know Amy. What your saying seems to be true. And your crying and I don't know what to do now. Oh gosh Amy." The two of us were crying by this point. I don't even know why. He came over to me and got on one knee. "However, since waking up, or for a few weeks now I've been seeing this girl. She's from the US and apparently she knew me before the crash." My heart shattered. I think everyone could hear it. 

"What?" I whispered afraid my voice might crack. 

"Her name is Arzaylea and she's actually really lovely. I'm sorry Amy." He reached out to touch my shoulder. You know like 'Sorry, I realize we probably are actually a couple but I'm with someone else so... I'm sorry??'

I pulled away. "Please. Don't do this to me. I've already had to go through enough." His eyes softened.  "I have to go." I ran to my car, and drove to my special place with Luke before I broke down.


Hey guys!! Sorry it's taking me forever to update. I've had a lot of stuff happening to me. (Tests and school and stuff) so yeah I'll try to start updating more.

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