Please Remember Me

Amy Irwin, younger sibling of Ashton Irwin from 5 Seconds of Summer, has been dating Luke Hemmings for two years now. They're very much in love. But, when Luke comes back from his tour and gets into a crash, he's put into a serious coma. Will Luke remember Amy as anything but a friend after this tragedy? Or will there still be feelings in there somewhere?


3. Chapter 2

I saw lights flashing in front of me.

"Shut up guys." I heard Luke whisper-yell. I opened my eyes. I took my pillow from under my head and threw it at the guys.

"Go away you little fucks I'm trying to sleep." I yelled at them. They all laughed. Luke leaned down and kissed my head.

"Good morning beautiful."

"Good morning." I pecked his cheek and got out of bed. "Come on Luke, your mom probably wants to see you." I put my hand out and he took it. Using all my strength, I pulled him out of bed. "Get dressed, and I'll go make some pancakes." He grabbed his clothes and ran into the bathroom. I walked downstairs to see the rest of the boys as well as Lauren and Harry sitting at the kitchen table. I walked to the cabinet and got the stuff to make pancakes out. Once I actually made them, Luke was downstairs.

"Awww. Look at the little white girl taking ten billion hours getting ready." The boys laughed. Luke rolled his eyes and gave my arm a playful slap. I gave him his pancakes, and we all devoured them in minutes. Then, I kissed Luke goodbye and said goodbye to Cal and Mikey. Then, Ash, and the rest of the guys got in Ash's car and drove off. At least I know I'm going to see Luke again, not in like a month though. Like I can see him tomorrow. I went up to my room, and got my phone off the charger. I noticed that my room was a mess. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I'm OCD about messes. I put my phone on the iHome and put on music while I cleaned. I literally cleaned every single nook and cranny.

Like ten minuted into my jam and cleaning sesh, my phone started ringing. I looked at the caller ID, 'The best person ever', Mikey. I picked it up to Mikey hyperventilating.


"Yeah? Mikey are you okay?"

"I am but, Luke isn't."

"What? What's wrong with Luke? Where are you? Im coming now."

"We're at the hospital."

"Okay. I'll be right there. Bye" I hung up and ran out the door grabbing the keys. Once I got to the hospital, I ran to the desk. "Luke Hemmings." She gave me the room number which was 249. I saw the guys, and Liz sitting in the waiting room. They all looked like they were crying. "What happened?"

"It's my fault Amy. I'm so sorry." Ash's voice cracked.

"It's in no way your fault. It was the guy who hit you's fault." Michael told him. Then Calum turned to me as if he knew I would like to know the story.

"So, Ash was going to drop me off first. We were turning and the other guy was at a stop sign. He decided he was gonna be a dick, and continue driving. He hit the side that Luke and Mikey were on. But, instead of hitting the front of the car, he only got where Luke was. And now, Luke's in a coma. They don't know how long it is until he wakes up." By the time Cal finished, I was in tears. Being the amazing brother he is, Ashton got up and embraced me. I hugged him so tight and started uncontrollably sobbing. I honestly think that I might've lost ten pounds that day from crying. But, anyways, the doctor told us we could go see him. I walked in and saw the one thing I dreaded seeing, my boyfriend's nearly lifeless body hooked up to a bunch of wires. I ran over to him and hugged him. I lifted my head up and kissed his forehead.

"I Love you Luke. Please wake up soon. I miss you already." I cried. The others just looked at me with pity. But honestly, I don't need their pity.

"I'm sorry, you guys will have to leave. Only family can spend the night." The doctor told us after a few minutes of us visiting the lifeless Luke. Mikey, Cal, Ash, and I all took turns hugging Liz, as well as me kissing Luke's forehead. Then, we went and took my car home. As, Ash's was pretty fucked up from the accident and was in the repair shop.

"Come on Amy, let's go home and have a brother sister movie day?" I nodded. I drove to Mikey and Cal's houses and dropped them off. Then, Ash and I went home and watched about five movies before I drifted off into a deep slumber.


There's chapter 2! I hope you guys liked it. LUKE'S IN A COMA! WHAT? Who saw that coming? Nobody. Good. Actually you probably did because it's in the description of this story.

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