The Birthmark


1. prologue/chapter


***Amelia's POV***

"I can't believe it guys. You guys are playing your biggest headline show ever. Madison Square Garden." I tell Calum as I kiss his cheek.

Hey there, I'm Amelia. And right now, my soulmate, and boyfriend, Calum Hood, yes the Calum Hood. As in Calum Hood from 5 Seconds of Summer, is about to perform his biggest show ever. It's Madison Square Garden. You may be wondering how I actually know Calum. Or how I became his girlfriend. Well, you see, in my world, you're born with a birthmark. Your soulmate recieves the exact same one. Yes, Calum is my soulmate. Except, I was Calum's best friend before we noticed. That is before he noticed. I noticed since we met. I'm in love. But forget talking about that.

You came here for our story. So here it is. Let's start from me moving from a small town in the US to Sydney, Australia when I was about sixteen years old. Calum was sixteen as well. Luke, now Luke was the little geek of school. Mikey was the coolest kid in school, and Calum was his sidekick. They knew Ashton but, from his job at the video store.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you our story:


"AMELIA HURRY UP WE'RE GONNA MISS OUR FLIGHT" Mom yelled from downstairs. I took one last look around my room and shut the door. I'm not really going to miss it in this town. Everyone's too snobby for my liking. I'm not a very preppy or snobby person. I just kind of go with the flow ya know. I'm also into superheros. MARVEL ALL THE WAY! DC SUCKS! I walked down stairs and out to the car. All my stuff was packed and I had my iPhone 5S with me, and my carry on bag filled with little snacks. I was silent the entire car ride. When we got to the airport, I decided to go get myself Dunkin' Donuts, because I personally hate Starbucks. I just don't really like coffee. I got a vanilla bean coolata and a strawberry froasted donut.

"Flight 461 to Sydney, Australia now boarding" I hear someone say over the speakers. I walked to the plane with my coolata in hand. I got into my seat right next to my mom. Minutes after we sat down, the plane took off, and when we were finally in the air I took my iPhone 5S, plugged in my headphones and put on I Miss You by Blink 182. I drifted into a deep slumber until we arrived in Sydney. And since it's a 14 hour time diffrence, I decided to get a head start on that horrible jet lag that I'm gonna have.

"Amelia. Come on hun, we have to get to the new house. All of our stuff is all ready there." My mom said shaking me awake. I opened my eyes, got my carry ons, and walked off the plane. Then, I went to get my luggage that I actually brought to the airport with me instead of the furniture. Like my things I dont want anybody to touch. I go to the car that we bought and we drove to our new house. We got there and two boys were sitting on the lawn next to my house. They looked up and gave a little smile. Well, one did. The other one looked too busy on his phone. The one that looked up had brown hair, and these dark chocolate eyes. The one on his phone had literally bright pink hair. What the fuck is that about? I dont even know. But oh well. I get my bag and go into my new house which is huge. It's three floors. The first floor is like the living room, the kitchen, the dining room, and a bathroom. The second floor is our rooms and a few more bathrooms. Mom tells me the third floor has a recording studio, an arcade room, and stuff that's like themed. I have my own space on the third floor for me to write stories and do my homework and stuff like that. So, that's cool. I put my stuff in my room and go outside. It's a beautfiul day out so why not? I get my book Gone, and a chair. I walked outside and put the chair down on the lawn so I could read. I looked over and the two boys were still sitting there. The one that smiled at me earlier, nudged his friend and nodded at me. They then procceeded to get up and walk towards me. I quickly opened my book and started reading.

"Hey, you must be the new neighbor." Someone says in a deep Australian accent. I look up to see the brown haired kid in my face. They were both really tall. Well, taller than me.

"Yeah, I'm Amelia." I told him.

"Cool, I'm Calum, and this is Michael." He points to himself then to the pink haired kid whom is apparently named Michael.

"Sweet. So..." I get awkward around new people. Especially hot guys.

"Well the Amelia. Would you like to get to know eachother better?" I nod and get up. He pushed me back on my seat and sits in the grass. He pats an opened space for Michael to sit on. "Tell me about yourself. Where are you from? Because, you're definately not from Australia."

"I'm from a small town on the eastern side of the US. Specifically, Connecticut. Stratford Connecticut. Have either of you found your soulmates yet?" Both shook their heads.

"What about you Ms. Amelia?" Michael asked me.

"Nope. I doubt I'll ever find him. I mean what are the chances that I've been looking for sixteen years and haven't found him yet?"

"You'll find him don't worry." Calum says.

"How tall are you guys?"

"We're both about 6 feet" We spent at least three hours getting to know eachother until my mom decided to call me in.

"We're having some people over for dinner tonight." She told me as I ran upstairs to get ready. I prayed it was Calum's family. As soon as I was ready, my outfit incase you were wondering, was a crop top with high wasted shorts. I ran downstairs just as the doorbell rang. I grabbed the doorknob and pulled it open. In front of me Calum, his family, Michael, and another family stood in front of me.

"Hi, you must be Amelia. I'm Mrs. Hood, Calum's mom." I shook her hand, and Mr. Hood's hands. Then Michael and Calum walked in glaring at that other kid in front of me. This kid was very tall. Taller than Mikey and Cal. He had blonde hair, and bright blue eyes. He also had a lip ring. It didn't really fit his personality but, hey whatever floats your boat. His mom stepped forward.

"Hello Amelia. Nice to meet you. I'm Liz Hemmings. This is my son Luke." I waved to Luke and shook Liz's hand. Then the adults decided to leave us all in the living room.

"So do you guys wanna go up to the gaming room? I'll kick all of your asses at Black Ops." Michael's head poped up.

"Hell yeah I do!" He screamed. Calum just laughed. And Luke stood there awkwardly. He just looked kind of scared. I bolted up the stairs with Michael and Calum right on my tail. Luke awkwardly walking behing us. Very slowly. Once on the third floor, Michael pulls me aside.

"Why is Luke in your house?" He whisper-yelled.

"I don't know. My mom invited everyone. Why?"

"Luke Hemmings is the school nerd. He's a nerd. I'm the most popular guy in the school. Well, Cal and I, and now you're going to be in our crew. Because I like you. So don't push it Ams." My mouth turned into an 'O' shape.

"Okay. Well, it's just one night. You don't even have to talk to him. In fact, in school just act like you were never hung out with him outside of school in the first place." I whispered. He nodded his head. We walked back to the games room and started playing Black Ops. I kicked Mikey and Cal's asses several times. Then dinner was ready. We walked down. We were to eat in the kitchen while the parents ate in the dining room. For dinner we just had burgers. Cal, Mikey, and I talked the entire time. Luke just ate his burger in silence. I feel bad for the kid but, I have friends now. And Cal and Mikey were nice, so I don't need to make another friend. Plus, they told me that I would meet their other friends. So I just didn't bother. I didn't want to set Mikey off either.

After dinner, everyone went home, and I went upstairs to my room to go to sleep after a very long day. As I did have school the next morning.


Here's the first chapter plus the prologue. There will only be one chapter everytime I update. This was just because it's the first.


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