The Birthmark


4. chapter 4

***Amelia's POV***

Today's the day we present our scenes in class. And guess who's first. Calum and I. We have to kiss in our scene and I'm not too excited about that.

***Calum's POV*** (A/N Surprise mofos)

I can't wait to do my scene with Amelia! She's a great girl. We walk into homeroom together and go walk by our group of friends, on my way shoving Luke. I walked over to Michael and fist bumped him.

After the bell rang, Ms. Ryan immediately shushed us.

"Okay my little thespians. We're going to showcase all of this talent to each other today!! I've already told the first group that they're going first" she beamed at Amelia and I, "So anyone who's not in the remaining group have someone stand up so I can give you a number" A few people stood up including Michael and Zoe. "Okay 2" she pointe to Michael, "3" Zoe "4, 5, 6, 7, 8" and it went on until the last group. "Let's all go into the theater and sit in the house. Amelia and Calum can set up on stage" I got up and turned to Amelia holding out my hand. She took it and blushed a little bit but tried to hide it. We walked onto the stage and put out our set. We had two benches out that were supposed to act like couches. We had a plastic chair too. Amelia walked off stage to get ready, I looked at Ms. Ryan for a clue to start. She nodded then I looked at Amelia and nodded.

***end of the scene***

Amelia's character got pissed off at mine because my character "doesn't" love her anymore. Then he throws an engagement ring at her.

Amelia- "You really didn't have to get me this"

Me- "yes I did"

Amelia- "Really. I wasn't asking for-" I leaned in and placed my lips onto hers. It was... Nice. She pulled back really quickly and bowed. I kind of liked the kiss. Although I'm not sure if she did.

***Amelia's POV***

After everyone clapped, I went off stage and sat next to Zoe.

"Good job!" She whispered into my ear.


"Okay Zoe and Luke are next!!" Ms. Ryan shouted.

"Break a leg!!" I waved her goodbye as she walked onto the stage.


The bell rang and Ms. Ryan called Calum, Luke, Michael, Zoe and I back.

"As you know, our musical this year is Into The Woods. I would be delighted if you five auditioned for it." I nodded and dragged Zoe out into the girls bathroom.

"You finally kissed Calum!!" She practically shouted.

"No shit! I couldn't tell if he liked it or not. Plus it was a stage kiss so it doesn't even count."

"He totally did. Did you see the way he looked at you?!"

***Calum's POV***

"Nice man. You kissed Amelia." Michael hit my arm.

"We're just friends dude. Plus it was a stage kiss so it doesn't even count." But I want to be so much more.

"I don't know if she thinks that." That caught me by surprise.

"Really? You think?"

"Totally. She was all blushy when she pulled away" maybe I should ask her out. But what if she rejects me?


There's Chapter 4 guys! Sorry I've taken so long to update. Thanks for sticking with me though!!


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