The Birthmark


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3

***Amelia's POV***

I cant believe Calum is my soulmate. I should really tell someone but, they might tell Cal. I cant tell Cal about it because, well, he's the person I'm having an issue with. Oh well, I guess I just wont do anything about it. I said I would tell Zoe. But, after sleeping on it neglected that idea.

"You okay Amelia?" Cal's voice brought me back to reality. In drama class working on our scenes.

"Yeah. Just a rough sleep." I lied. Cal shrugged and we went back to working on the scene.

*At Lunch*

Once lunch came along, I was exhausted.

"Amelia." Zoe snapped me out of whatever world I was in. "Are you okay? You've been zoning out all day." The entire lunch table was looking at me.

"Zoe. Can I talk to you?" She nodded. "Alone." We got up and went into the girls bathroom where Calum and Mikey couldn't hear me.

"What's up Ams?" She asked with concern in her voice.

"Well, yesterday when we were my pool, I noticed Calum's birthmark,"

She nodded. "And it turns out I have the exact same one in the same place." Zoe looked a little bit confused at what I was trying to tell her.

"Zoe, Calum and I are soul mates."

"No way." She was shocked.

"Yes. And I can prove it too." I lifted my shirt to show a dolphin shaped birthmark on my stomach. "I'll invite you guys to my house to swim again. Look at his stomach. Don't make it too obvious but do it. It's the same exact one." She nodded. We went back to the table and Calum looked genuinely worried about me.

"You okay?"

"I'm fine."

"You don't look fine."

"Calum. I'm fine. Hey wanna come over and swim again. You, Mikey,

Ash, and Zoe are invited."

"Cool. I'll be there."


*After school*

We got to my pool. This time, Zoe came home with me.

***Zoe's POV***

I have a hard time believing Amelia. But, I'll look for her. She might be telling the truth. She looked pretty serious when she was telling me. I got in the pool after Amelia dove in. I did a backflip into the pool. Then, Cal, Ash, and Mikey jumped in. I went underwater and opened my eyes. And there before my every eyes, was Calum's birthmark. It, was a dolphin on his stomach. Shocking. I guess Amelia was right. I swam up and looked at Amelia. She made eye contact with me. I nodded my head. I can't believe that Calum was Amelia's soulmate. Got out and looked at the time on my phone. Shoot. I had to go work on my scene with Luke. As much as I hate him, I need to get a good grade on this project.

"Guys I have to go. Need to work on the drama project." I said rolling my eyes.

"Have fun with Hemmings." Michael said laughing. I got out of the pool and dried off. I put on my clothes over my bikini and decided I didn't have enough time to go back to my house and change into regular clothes. I asked Ash to drive me to Luke's house. And he gladly accepted. Ash is becoming one of my best friends so, of course he said yes. We got to Luke's house and I'm pretty sure he went back to Amelia's house. I walked up to the door and knocked. A pretty woman opened the door. It must be his mother.

"Hi Mrs. Hemmings. I'm Zoe. I'm here to work on a project with Luke." I said kind of nervous. I mean, I have been bullying her son. What if she found out?

"Of course Zoe. Come right in. Luke's upstairs. His room is the first one on the left." I walked up and I heard the sound of a guitar, and someone singing. He was singing Please Don't Go by Mike Posner. And he was incredible. I've never heard anyone sing like that. Well, except for Mikey and Cal. They have pretty amazing voices. But, Luke's. No. Snap out of it Zoe. You don't like him. He's a geek. You're popular. I opened the door quietly making sure he didnt hear me. I stood at the door. While I was listening, I was also looking at him. Gosh he's beautiful. His blonde fringe. Then I noticed something. I saw a birthmark on his right forearm. It was a heart. Then I looked at my birthmark on my right forearm. A heart. No no no no no. Luke Hemmings cannot be my soulmate.

When he was finally done, he turned off the camera that was on him.

***Luke's POV***

I love this. I want to do this for the rest of my life. Then I heard someone clapping. I turned towards my door to see Zoe. I forgot I'm supposed to work on our scene today. We got stuck with a scene, no not a scene. We had to do a song from RENT called Light My Candle. It was my least favorite song. Mainly because Zoe has to take interest in me. Okay bye. Like I don't want you to flirt with me.

"Okay lets get to work." She said coming over to me. She pulled my laptop over opening a new tab and searching for lyrics. "It seems like a good song. Mimi seems like a cool character" She said. Literally if you don't know what RENT or who Mimi is, are you even a theater kid?She then opened another tab searching the song on youtube. She listened to it once and she got it. She then clicked on the tab with the lyrics. I was watching her intensely while she was listening to the song. What? That might be creepy but I want to look at her features. She's beautiful. The way her hair crawls down her neck. Her eyes as bright as she is. I then looked her up and down. I stopped at her right forearm. I know that sounds creepy but, I saw her birthmark. It was the same one I had. A heart.

"Okay you start off. We should sing it once through and then choreograph it." She told me.

I started off singing, (A/N I don't feel like saying who's singing what so Im just gonna put Z for Zoe and L for Luke)

L: What'd you forget?

Z: Got a light.

L: I know you, you're shivering.

Z: Its nothing they turned off my heat. And I'm just a little weak on my feet. Would you light my candle? What are you staring at?

L: Nothing. You're hair in the moonlight. You look familiar. Can you make it?

Z: Just haven't eaten much today, at least the room stopped spinning anyway. What?

L: Nothing you're smile reminded me of-

Z: I always remind people of. Who is she?

L: She died. Her name was April.

Z: Its out again... Sorry about your friend. Would you light my candle?

L: Well

Z: Yeah? Ow!

L: Oh the wax, it's

Z: Dripping I like it between my

L: Fingers I figured oh well goodnight. It blew out again?

Z: No, I think that I dropped my stash.

L: I know I've seen you out and about when I used to go out. Your candles out.

Z: I'm illin' I had it when I walked in the door it was pure is it on the floor?

L: The floor?

Z: They say that I have the best ass below 14th street is it true?

L: What?

Z: You're staring again.

L: Oh no, I mean you do have a nice... I mean you look familiar.

Z: Like your dead girlfriend.

L: Only when you smile but I'm sure I've seen you somewhere else.

Z: Do you go to the Cat Scratch Club? Thats where I work, I dance.

L: Yes! They used to tie you up.

Z: It's a living

L: I didn't recognize you without the handcuffs

Z: We could light the candle. Oh won't you light the candle?

L:Why don't you forget that stuff? You look like you're sixteen

Z: I'm nineteen, but I'm old for my age. I'm just born to be bad

L: I once was born to be bad. I used to shiver like that

Z: I have no heat, I told you

L: I used to sweat

Z: I got a cold

L: Uh huh, I used to be a junkie

Z: But now and then I like to

L: Uh huh

Z: Feel good

L: Oh here it

Z: What's that?

L: It's a candy bar wrapper

Z: We could light the candle. Oh what'd you do with my candle?

L: That was my last match

Z: Our eyes'll adjust, thank God for the moon

L: Maybe it's not the moon at all, I hear Spike Lee's shooting down the street

Z: Bah humbug, bah humbug

L: Cold hands

Z: Yours too, big, like my father's. Do you wanna dance?

L: With you?

Z: No, with my father

L: I'm Roger

Z: They call me, they call me Mimi

Then it ended. I looked at Luke his bright blue eyes burning into mine. I leaned in, he didnt know what to do I guess so he just stayed put. Our lips touched and I felt something that wasn't there before. There were sparks. He didnt pull away, nor was he doing anything. I pulled away and his mouth dropped open.

"I'm so sorry. I just saw your birthmark and it's the same as mine and-"

"Its okay. I saw yours. Its the same."

"Okay so what do we do? You're a geek and I'm in the popular group. I really don't want to ruin my reputation. Can we just keep this on the down low?" He nodded with a disappointing look on his face. "Sorry, I just don't want to be made fun of for the rest of my life."

"It's okay. I wouldn't want to be my soulmate either. We should just get to work with the scene."

"Right." We got up and talked for a few hours about the song and the choreography. After we were done, I called Amelia.

"Hey Zoe. What's up?" I heard her voice coming through the phone.

"Amelia. I found my soulmate."

"THAT'S GREAT! Who is it?"

"It's Luke. You can't tell anybody though. I thought I should tell you since you told me Calum's your soulmate."

"Zoe I'm not going to say a word. I honestly never hated Luke. I just didnt want to ruin my friendship with any of you guys."

"Thank god. Well, I'm gonna go now and go to sleep. Goodnight Ams."

"Night Zoe." We hung up and I got in my car and drove home. I rushed in my house fumbling with the doorknob. Once I got it opened I ran upstairs and put pajamas on. I went to the bathroom and quickly wiped my makeup off and brushed my teeth. Then I got in my bed and pulled the covers over my head and fell into a deep sleep.


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