The Birthmark


2. chapter 2

Today is the first day of my new school. And I'm extremely nervous. Although, I'm already associated with the cool kids, therefore I don't even have to try to get a good rep at this school. I got up after my alarm went off and took a shower. As soon as I got out of the shower, I dried off, dried my hair, put my make up on and got on clothes.

My outfit:

Tank top that says "Love"

Jean shorts

Aqua vans

I got my books in my backpack, and walked down the stairs to get breakfast. For breakfast, I just grabbed an apple off of my kitchen counter, and walked out to the car. I spotted Calum getting into another guy's car. I saw him from the driver's seat. He had blonde straight hair. His muscles on his arms were huge, and when he smiled, he had the cutest dimples. I wondered if he goes to our school and is in Michael and Calum's group. Calum and I made eye contact. He waved me over, causing blondie to look over. I walked over with a smile on my face trying to make myself look attractive. Well, that failed when I tripped over nothing and fell flat on my face onto the grass. I got up and brushed it off like nothing happened. I looked at Calum and that other kid, and they were dying. I walked over to him.

"So happy you find joy in my pain." I joked with him

"Well, good morning to you too sunshine. Hope in. Ash is it okay if we give her a ride?" He nodded.

"Since Calum's not going to introduce us formally to each other, my name is Amelia." I stuck my hand out. He stuck his out too.

"I'm Ashton but most people call me Ash."

"Are you in our grade?"


"Oh sorry I believe you call it year here. Are you in my year?"

"Oh no. I'm at another school."

"Oh how do you know Cal then?"

"Oh, I work at the video shop up the street."

"Oh cool." He nodded. "So, what year are you in?"

"I'm graduating this year."

"Nice. So, you're what Americans call a senior."

"I guess I am. I wouldn't know though. I'm not the American here" He laughed.

"Right. Whoops." We drove the rest of the way in silence. Once we got to the school, I got out and went to the main office to get my schedule. I opened the door and immediately felt awkward. But, I can't feel like that. "Hi. I'm new. My name's Amelia-"

"Oh you're Amelia. Here's your schedule, and I'll get someone to show you around. ZOE!" A girl whom looked much taller than me, walked out. She wore a comic book crop top and a skirt pulled up to her waist. She had hair ombrê blonde to brown.

"Hi, I'm Zoe." She stuck her hand out.

"I'm Amelia." I shook her hand. "I guess you'll be showing me around then?" She nodded and took my schedule. She also took my phone from her pocket and handed it to me.

"Open your phone so I can put my number in." I did what she told me to and she typed in her number putting her contact name in as Zoebear. "We have drama together! Nice! The drama teacher is awesome, you'll love her!" She led me to what seemed to be the green room. I walked up to the teacher with Zoe. "Ms. Ryan, this is Amelia. She's a new student."

"Ahh. Ms. Wood. So nice to meet you. Welcome to the green room. Sit wherever." I looked around at the room, and spotted Calum and Mikey. They looked up seeing Zoe and I and waved the both of us over. We both walked over to them.

"You know them already?"

"Yeah, I met them my first day moving here. Calum's my neighbor and Michael was with them." I sat next to Cal. "You didn't tell me you were a drama kid."

"Ams," Mikey started, "at this school, the popular kids don't do sports. It's not like in America. Here, the popular kids do drama. Since you do drama, and are one of our friends, you too are popular. Except for Luke over there" He pointed to Luke who was sitting in a corner by himself. "You already know he's a loser."

"Sweet!" Then, the bell rang.

"Alright class, we have a new student today. This is Amelia Wood. Please be nice to her." I stood up and waved. I sat back down and Ms. Ryan continued talking, "For the next few weeks, we'll be doing scenes. I'm going to pick your partners for you." There were a bunch of groans, as everyone was terrified to get paired with Luke. "Hmmm, how about, Calum and Amelia. Zoe and Luke." I heard Zoe curse next to me and groan. "Michael and Charlie." They fist bumped. "Ethan and Matilda. Georgia and Madison" The list went on and on until the last person. "And finally Jack and Connor. Get with your partners and I will come around and give you your scenes." Zoe slowly got up, and walked towards Luke. She turned around and acted like she was gagging. Everyone in our group laughed. Then she turned back and walked over to Luke, kicking him out of his seat and making him sit on the hard wood floor. I turned back to Cal.

"Hey partner." I said he chuckled.

"Hey partner." He said in the same tone of voice. Then Ms. Ryan came over to give us our assignment.

"Calum and Amelia, you two will be doing the scene called Getting it Back from Almost Maine." One of my favorite shows. "Here's the script. You're your own directors. So block the scene bring in props, use as many things in here as you need for the set." She handed us both a packet with the scene. I was so excited. Then she walked away to give a scene to Mikey and that other kid Charlie.

"I love this show." I said. Calum laughed and looked through his scene.

"Guys! You also have to work on these outside of school!" Ms. Ryan said. I heard a loud groan from Zoe. I snickered. "Get to work!" I got out a highlighter and highlighted Gayle's lines. I saw Calum doing the same thing to Lendall's.

"Okay, lets do a read through before we start anything" He nodded. We started reading and he was really good at acting. Basically, if you have no idea what Almost Maine is, it's a play with a bunch of different short love stories. Our scene, Getting it Back is about a couple. The girl, Gayle (Aka Me), wants to break up with her boyfriend, Lendall (Calum), because he didn't propose to her already. We finally got to one of my favorite parts.

Gayle (Me): Oh, Jeezum Crow, is that really all the love I gave you Lendall? I mean, I thought---. I mean, what kind of person am I if this is all the love I gave y---... No... n-n-no! I know I gave you more than that Lendall, I know it! Did you lose it?

Lendall (Calum): What? No Gayle no!

Gayle: Did you lose it, Lendall? 'Cause I know I gave you more than that, and I think you're pulling something on me, and this is not a good time to be pulling something on me!

Lendall: I'm not. Pulling something on you. I wouldn't do that to you... Just---- I think----... Gosh---... I think you should just take what you came for, and I guess I'll see you later.

It kept going on until the last line and the bell rang. Calum looked at my schedule.

"You have all the same classes as me Ams!"

"Awesome Cal! Let's go! Oh and do you and Mikey wanna come to mine to swim and for dinner tonight?"

"I definitely do. I'll ask Mikey about it. I'm sure he'll say yes though."


After school, I met Cal and Mikey at Ash's car. I should invite Ash too. I got in the front because Cal and Mikey were too slow. "hey Ash wanna come over with Mikey and Cal to go swimming and have dinner?" He nodded and the other boys finally got in the car. We drove to my house in silence. Once we got there, the boys went to Cal's house to get bathing suits and I texted Zoe.

To: Zoebear

Wanna come over for dinner and swimming?

From: Zoebear

Sure. Text me your address I'll be right there.

I texted her my address and went to go get my bathing suit on. By the way, I'm not one of those weirdos that only get their bathing suits on to tan. I actually enjoy going swimming. I got on my green, and white stripped bikini and went downstairs. As soon as I walked down I heard a knock at the door. I opened it and sure enough it was Cal, Mikey, and Ash. I texted Zoe and told her just to come out to the pool when she got here. I dragged them all out to the pool and was the first to jump in.

"CANNONBALL!" I screamed as I made a huge splash, getting all three of the guys soaked. They all turned and looked pissed. I was dying in the pool.

"You're gonna get it Wood." They all jumped in and started chasing me.

"YIKES!" I started swimming to the other side of the pool as fast as I could. We calmed down a little bit and I noticed something on Calum. I noticed a dolphin birthmark located on his stomach. The same as mine. Could Calum be my soulmate? There's no way. But, what if. Then Zoe showed up and we played Marco Polo for a little bit. Until my mom came home. We had chicken dipped in Italian dressing for dinner. Then everyone had to go home and do homework. I questioned what I had seen. Could Calum actually be my soulmate? But I don't like him like that. And he doesn't like me like that either. As I went to sleep that night, I had a thousand questions swarming my mind. What was I supposed to do now? I had to tell someone. I think that only person is Zoe. I'll tell her tomorrow about my great discovery.


Oooo. Has Amelia found her soulmate? And poor Luke he gets picked on by everyone. Even the new girl.



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