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Ashton had all the answers to every question Bridgette had, but he had to stay silent for her own good.

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35. Stay With Me

**just a quick note before you read: i had no idea how the hell to write this. i knew what i wanted to happen but didn't know how to write it so sorry if it sucks xx

"Normally, I'd tell you that you're wrong and you do love him," Luke whispered to me as he stared intently into my eyes. "But considering our situation, I'm going to let you believe what we want until we get out of here."

"If." I corrected.

"Shut the hell up, Cooper," Michael hissed. "We're busting you out even if it kills us."

Calum stared at Michael disgustedly. "Was that a pun?"

"Now isn't the time!" Jeremy shouted quietly. "What are we going to do? I can't kill my own sister!"

Michael shook his head. "There's no way in hell I'm killing Cooper."

"She's my best friend!" Luke exclaimed, hugging me closer.

I heard quiet sniffles from behind me. I turned to see Calum rubbing his eyes. "Cal? Are you okay?"

"I should've told you guys," he sobbed. "I should've told you when Ashton confessed. Hell, I should've said something before then."

"What?" Luke wondered.

He looked at us with puffy eyes. "When Mali and Ashton were dating, she wasn't the witch she is now. She wasn't as smart and powerful. She got that way because Ashton let her experiment some things on him. They were always harmless mostly, but there was one thing just really fucked him up and if I told you guys from the beginning-"

"I understand this is emotional for you, Hood, but please get to the point." Michael sighed.

Calum ran his hands through his hair. "Mali-"

"It's time!" Mali sang from the doorway. She strutted into the room and looked pleased to see everyone was awake. "Well, good morning to you four. Well, it's night, but same difference. Bridgette, are you ready to see your boyfriend again?"

"He's not my boyfriend." I grumbled.

"Of course he's not." she cooed. She looked at Calum and jerked her head behind her. Calum stood quickly and vanished out of the room.

"I'm assuming Calum and Mikey filled you all in." she smiled.

"Cut with the innocent act, Mali," Luke growled. I'd never seen him mad before. Frustrated, but never truly angry. "You're a sick, twisted, killer!"

"No, that's your best friend." she retorted in a light tone before turning to see Calum had entered with Ashton.

I hadn't seen Ashton in a month, but he already looked so different. His eyes were dark and looked sunken in. Dark bags hung under his eyes. His cheek bones seemed to stretch out his skin. It was as if he wasn't even a human anymore. He was just a skeleton with skin. Once he saw me, his eyes lightened a little, but not by much. His hands were tied behind his back as Calum led him to a chair in the center of the room and sat him down.

"Mali, I don't even love him anymore," I insisted and saw Ashton's shoulder's slump from the corner of my eye. "I don't understand why you're doing this."

"Doing what?" Ashton piped up in a broken voice.

Michael's, Luke's, Jeremy's, and Calum's eyes all darted to Ashton in surprise. It was Luke to mutter, "He hasn't said anything in a month."

Mali just rolled her eyes, but didn't say anything about that. She answered my question instead. "Because he can't love anyone else."

"What?" Ashton questioned.

"Your Juliet over there is going to take a nap for a while," she told him. "A long while."

It clicked in his head and I could see it when it happened. He looked up at her, his green eyes looked like they could turn red at any moment. "You touch her and I swear to God I'll-"

"Calm down, sweetie," she cooed, stroking his face. "I'm not going to do anything. Your friends, however, will be responsible. I can't touch her if you're in love with her."

He bit on his bottom lip so hard I thought his teeth would go through it. He locked eyes with me and looked torn apart. But I had to remind myself not to show emotion toward him. He was a killer and that was that.

"So," Mali hummed and she walked around Ashton's chair. "Do I kill her first or make her watch me make him mine?"

"Excuse me?" Ashton coughed. "Mali, I don't love you. I don't even remember-"

"Shut up!" she screamed.

"Mali, stop!" Calum yelled, shoving his sister backwards. "You can't do this!"

"He was mine, Calum!" she shouted, walking forward to get in his face. "We've had this plan set long before she came along and you're not ruining it now!"

"What plan?" Jeremy quizzed.

Mali turned, her hair waving out behind her. "After Ashton forgot about me, I attempted to get him to remember to no avail. So I asked Calum to find a girl for Ashton to fall in love with."

"I didn't help with that part." he admitted.

Mali shot him a look before continuing. "And once they were in love, we'd make him forget her."

"It was just chance that he wanted to forget his family," Calum said and Ashton winced at the mention of his family. "And I didn't put the hair on the pictures, I swear, Bridgette. I was just going to do the spell and not tell, but-"

"Excuse you?" Mali let out a sharp laugh. "You were going to not do what you promised?"

"I didn't promise anything, Mali," he told her. "I'm not psycho like you."

"Wanna try psycho?" she laughed before pointing at Ashton. "Why don't you talk to your friend there?"

"He's only like that because of us and you know it!" he yelled.

All eyes locked on the Hoods. Ashton looked confused, Michael looked wondrous, Luke looked shocked, and Jeremy looked lost. Mali slapped her brother for the second time, sending him stumbling back with his hand pressed to his face.

"Shut up." she hissed.

"Tell them," he continued, staying away from his older sister. "Tell them how your spell went wrong and you gave him this weird multiple personality thing. Tell them how he'd talk about the voices in his head and you'd put the sleep spell on him because you couldn't deal with the guilt."

"Shut up." she said, her voice not as strong as it was before.

"Tell them how you felt so guilty that you killed him and made it look like his dad found him and did it himself!" Calum yelled. "Fucking tell them!"

"Alright!" she burst as tears began to flow down her face. "Alright, I did it. I didn't mean to."

"I'm a monster because of you," Ashton breathed, staring up at Mali with all the hurt and anger in the world. As he continued, his voice got louder. "I lost everything because of you. I can't have a family because of you. I lost the people I love because of you!"

Ashton wasn't a killer. Well, he wasn't by himself. He wasn't supposed to be. That made it a little bit better. I knew the boy I loved wasn't as bad as he seemed. He was only tampered with. He was like a guinea pig for Mali's experiments, and she ruined him.

"I'm sorry," she sobbed. She shook her head as she backed up toward my little group that had finally stood after Calum explained everything. "But it has to be this way."

Mali grabbed Michael's arm, grabbing a knife from her belt with the other hand and shoving the handle into his hand. As Calum ran forward, yelling for his sister to stop, she kicked me against a wall and jammed Michael's knifed hand into me before anyone realized what was going. She let him go and he pulled the bloody knife out, letting it clang to the floor.

"No, no, no!" Michael was yelling with tears brimming his eyes. He held my waist with one arm and put pressure on my abdomen with the other hand. "Cooper, no, don't! You can't die!"

"Ashton, stop!" I heard someone yell.

"I love you, Ashton." Mali said quietly before there was a sickening crunch.

"Bridgette, stay with us, please," Jeremy sobbed, smoothing my dark hair back with his hand as I sunk to the floor, Michael still holding me. "You can't die on me, please. I need you. I can't deal with mom and dad by myself. I can't deal with any of this by myself."

"Bridge, you're my best friend," Luke was already full-on sobbing. "You can't leave me."

"No!" Calum wailed.

My eyelids got heavy and I couldn't keep them open. As they slowly drooped, I could hear the three boys pleading for me to stay with them. Jeremy called over to Calum, shouting for him to do something. He came rushing over with tear-stained cheeks, but he seemed to have composed himself as if he never cried.

I didn't hear the first half of what he said, but I heard, "Get her out..." and then it just sounded like I was under water.

I forced to keep my eyes open, my eyes focused on Mikey's green ones. It was funny to think that when I first met him, I thought he was an asshole. And here he was, carrying me through the Hood house to the back porch. The night was dark and things were staring to become unfocused.

"Stay with us, Cooper." Michael said as he laid me down, putting my head in his lap so I could look up at him. His face was framed by the starred sky. It was relaxing to see.

I couldn't hold on anymore. I was slipping fast. I glanced around to see Calum looking around and talking to Luke and Jeremy who kept disappearing and reappearing with jars and books to give. But I didn't see Mali or Ashton. And I internally sighed. I had to come to terms with the fact I was in love with Ashton no matter what he did or what was wrong with him. I had fallen in love with the boy who didn't even say a word to me. And I couldn't even see him one last time. I couldn't tell him.

"Bridgette, no!" Michael cried as my eyes closed. His words faded out, along with myself.

i'm prepared for you all to start calling me satan.

but at least you know ashton wasn't all that bad. it wasn't his fault. but that was the big secret i was talking about. mali fucked up ashton and killed him out of guilt.

so where do you think ashton and mali were? and how terribly are you crying rn??

idk if i'll update this story again today and if i don't, i won't tomorrow either bc PROM YAY.

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