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Ashton had all the answers to every question Bridgette had, but he had to stay silent for her own good.

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17. Sibling Love

Passing out sort of made everything go away. But it was kind of like I was sleeping and I kept dreaming of Michael disappearing and reappearing, and Luke passing out in his chair and leaving no signs he was ever there. They were dead. It had finally hit me, and it hit me like a sixteen-wheeler.

After I woke up, I found my head on Ashton's lap as he played with my hair. He was staring up at the TV, his sunglasses still not on his face. I moved my head slightly to see Calum was sitting on the couch, now playing FIFA by himself.

Ashton's fingertips brushed my face lightly. I looked up into his green eyes - they seemed to change a lot between hazel and green - and saw he was looking slightly passed my face. He glanced over at Calum. "Hey, Cal."

"How do you feel?" Calum asked from the recliner, noticing I had woken up. He put his controller down and walking over to kneel beside me, checking my head and eyes.

"What are you," I laughed lightly. "A doctor?"

"I could be," he winked. He looked up at Ashton. "Yeah, she's fine. I think it was just that realization hit her and she got freaked."

"Where are they?" I wondered, sitting up. My head felt pretty much fine. I didn't feel panicked or anything but I was still wary about being near Luke or Michael for right now.

"Michael just said he was leaving, and Luke's upstairs in his room," Calum said. "He couldn't exactly leave, so."

"I don't-" Ashton began to say, but stopped himself. I found it kind of odd that Ashton slipped up with his talking because he never did before.


Ashton looked over me to Calum with an intense look in his eyes like he had to physically try to get his message across, which he didn't. Calum nodded understandingly with a sigh. "Ashton doesn't think you should go looking for them right now. He thinks the best thing to do would be to just spend a few days back at home."

"But I don't want to." I complained.

Ashton pressed his mouth into a thin line, squeezing his eyes shut. He looked back at Calum, looking more frustrated. Calum sighed louder this time. "He requests that you just trust him and do as he says. He doesn't want to use his powers on you, but he will if he has to."

I groaned, rolling my eyes. "Fine."

With that, I got off the couch and marched to the door, slamming it shut as I left. Just because Ashton was like, a year older or something and could make me do whatever he wanted to didn't make him right. I knew that I had just freaked out over Luke and Michael but that didn't mean I wouldn't miss them. Maybe talking to them about it would make me feel better. Maybe I was already over my meltdown, anyway. But we would never know, now would we?

I spent the next few days locked in my room, spinning my new house keys around on my index finger. I didn't know if Ashton had actually talked to my parents about the house yet since she hadn't asked me about it but it didn't really matter much to me at the time. I ignored all of Ashton and Calum's phone calls and texts just because I was acting really bratty but couldn't bring myself not to act as such. When Calum came up the stairs on Monday morning asking if I was ready for school, I told him I wasn't going. He kept asking what was wrong but when I wouldn't tell him, he just went downstairs and told my mom I was sick. When Ashton tossed pebbles at my window, I'd look down just to make sure he knew I knew it was him, and then I'd go back to sulking on my bed, not allowing him up.


It got to a point where I did miss Calum and Ashton but I also missed Luke and Michael. I just wanted social interaction. I even tried calling for Michael like I usually did, but even that didn't work. Finally, Jeremy stepped into my room after banging on it loudly and not bothering to wait for me to say it was okay to come in. It felt weird because I was actually incredibly glad to see him.

"Alright, what's up with you?" he demanded after shutting my door and standing with his arms folded across his chest, studying me as I lay in bed. "Did one of your boyfriends break up with you or something?"

"I wasn't dating all of them," I informed him. "I wasn't even dating one of them."

"Whatever. What happened?" he pressed.

"Do you actually care?" I wondered.

He sighed. "Alright, I hate admitting this, but you are my sister, so yes, I do. Kind of."

I smiled a little at his answer. But that quickly faded when I realized I could never tell Jeremy what was wrong. "Nothing."


"You're not going to tell me?"

"I can't tell you," I stated. I found myself smiling slightly, repeating what the boys had said to me so many times. "It's not my story to tell."

Jeremy sighed, scratching the back of his head. "Um, is it boy issues?"

"Kind of," I shrugged. "It has to do with them."

"Are you guys fighting?"

"It's more me being a grumpy brat more than anything."

He chuckled and nodded. "I know that feel. I kind of do that around you a lot."

I cocked my head to the side, pulling my brows together. "Why? Come sit." I patted the space next to me.

Jeremy sighed and trudged over, sitting above the covers on my bed. He propped a pillow up behind him to lean on and stared back at the door. "I don't know. We've just always been...not very close. So I kind of felt like I should always be like that. Just like you want to continue being mean to your friends."

"I'm not being mean." I corrected, but I still sounded unsure of myself.

He rolled his head to the side and looked at me. "Really?"

I sighed and stared at my lap. "Okay, maybe I am being mean."

"You should talk to them," he informed me. "I mean, even I talked to you about it. I think you can do this tiny thing."

A smile slowly spread across my face as I looked up at my brother. "Does this mean we're going to actually be nice to each other?"


He shrugged with a smirk. "Maybe. Maybe not," he got off my bed and walked towards the door. "Call them, though." he stated before walking out of my room.



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