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Ashton had all the answers to every question Bridgette had, but he had to stay silent for her own good.

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24. Left Alone

Jeremy encouraged me to go back, especially after what I told him about what Ashton did only minutes before I went inside to find him. He said that I should stay the night if I'm really upset, but at least go back the next morning. So I did. I showered and put my clothes from the day before back on. But before I left, I looked back inside my old room. My bed and it's frame were still there, that being the only thing still in the room besides my dresser and vanity. But there was something tied around the pole of my headboard that caught my eyes. It was a piece of red fabric. I walked closer and untied it, seeing it was the bandana Ashton had given me for my birthday. I smiled to myself, remembering when he could remember me. I folded it up and tied it around my head, keeping the knot on the top before exiting my room and leaving my old house.

I walked right into the house to be greeted by silence. "Hello?" I called as I poked my head into the kitchen. No one was there. There was, however, a note left on the counter.


Calum and Mali did that spell thingy on me so I could leave with them. We have to go take care of some stuff for today. Ashton may or may not stop by but after yesterday, I think he should be fine. We'll see you soon! :-)

-Luke <3

PS Michael made me call you Cooper

I put the note in the trash before grabbing another apple from the mysterious bowl on the counter, and walked into the living room. I could probably just verse the computer in Mario Kart or something while I waited. But lo and behold, just as Luke had said, Ashton was sitting in the living room by himself in silence. I jumped slightly at the sight of him - it actually surprised me he showed up when none of his friends were here. He must've seen me flinch, and he looked up.

"Hi." I greeted quietly.

He nodded.

"Um, how long have Luke and them been gone?" I stammered.

He held up two fingers.


He nodded.

I nodded too. "Alright. Um, did you want something to eat or?"

He shrugged and nodded. I led him back into the kitchen and talked to him just to fill the silence. "There's suddenly food here which is really weird because Luke can't eat. I'm assuming they went shopping but I don't know where they could've gotten the money for it because none of them actually have jobs."

As I turned to see if Ashton was actually following me, he had put his hand in his back pocket and pulled out a beat-up black leather wallet. He opened it to reveal a surprising amount of money and smiled sheepishly.

"Y-you've been paying for it?" I questioned, staring wondrously up at the boy I could've sworn wanted nothing to do with me up until yesterday.

He nodded.


He shrugged.

I thought about how he could possibly have that much money, and then remembered his family. He must've gotten all of their money after his mom passed away. That, and the fact his dead left him meant he'd get all of their money. And I assumed he cleaned out whatever cash they were stashing inside the house before I lured him out.

"Well...thanks." I nodded.

He smiled slightly and nodded back.

"Okay," I breathed. "Food. So, is there anything you really want or really don't want?"

He stared at the floor for a moment before looking back at me and shaking his head.

"Good," I smiled to myself. "Makes this whole Twenty Questions thing way easier for me."

I heard a tiny chuckle from behind me, making me whip around to see Ashton trying to bow his head and hide his smile.

"You didn't just laugh, did you?" I questioned.

He lifted his head to show his face straight, and shook his head. I raised my eyebrows before turning and going through the fridge. I went through the freezer side of the fridge and came up with pizza bagels. Perfect. I pulled out the box and showed it to Ashton who nodded in approval. I emptied the entire box onto a baking sheet - I remembered how much food Ashton used to go through - and shoved it into the preheating oven before setting the timer.

"So, did you want to play some Mario Kart?" I offered.

Talking to Ashton like nothing was wrong seemed to help him open up a little. I mean, I got a laugh out of him so that had to count for something. And I figured even if he wouldn't remember how much he liked me, maybe he could just fall for me again. If he was still the regular Ashton but with less memory, that meant there was the possibility he could love me again. And I wouldn't fuck it up this time.

I looked behind my shoulder to see Ashton nodding. Good. We sat on separate couches, though. Well, he sat in the recliner and I took a pillow from the couch and propped it against the side of the coffee table closest to the TV and sat there. I grabbed the controllers and tossed him one before turning the xbox on and starting Mario Kart. Ashton picked Luigi like he used to when we played before, only proving my point that he was still basically the same Ashton. I picked Peach just because she was always the bitch in the game and I found that was something we had in common.

After half an hour of playing, I noticed that Ashton had gotten closer to me over time. He started out in the chair but soon slipped to the floor, his back leaning against the chair. After he got up to fix the TV, he sat back down on a pillow, placing it between the coffee table and the recliner. After we had gotten up to grab plates of pizza bagels, he sat himself down a few inches away from me, his pillow leaning against the coffee table like my own. Although he still wasn't talking, we were starting to get back to where we were, which was getting somewhere at least.

After Ashton's car crossed the finish line first again, he set the controller down with a sigh. I put mine down too and looked at him. "I'm assuming you're done?"

He nodded as he turned his head to look at me. After what felt like years of his head looking in my general direction, he pointed up at my head.

"What?" I asked, looking up toward my forehead that I obviously couldn't see.

Ashton used his index finger to circle his own head. Headband.

"Oh, right," I nodded. I completely forgot I was wearing it. "What about it?"

He opened his mouth like he wanted to say something but closed it again.

"No, it's okay. You can talk to me. I've heard you talk before, you know." I encouraged.

He looked like he was considering it, but pressed his mouth into a thin line and shook his head.

"Um," I hummed to myself as I looked around the table. I remembered my backpack sitting in the entryway and got up to grab one of my notebooks and a pen. I came back and handed it to Ashton. "Just write what you want to say."

Ashton set the notebook on his knee and began writing quickly on it. He set the pen on the floor and flipped the paper to face me. It looks like mine.

"Well, it was yours," I explained, pulling on the ends of my hair. "But for my eighteenth birthday, you gave it to me along with a various other items."

Ashton looked at my expectantly like he wanted me to continue and tell him what he got me. It's not like he really remembered anyway.

"You helped Calum, Michael, and Luke set up a birthday party sort of thing on the beach," I continued, a smile creeping onto my face. "Your gift to me was showing me that you could show people your thoughts. It was pretty cool, actually. And then you asked me to move in here with you and Michael and Luke and I was so excited to. And then I had to go and drop my hair all over your family's pictures and make you forget me." The last part was mostly mumbled to myself, but I knew he heard me.

He picked up the pen and began writing again. So we were like dating?

I felt my face flush. "Yeah. I mean, not officially, but I had feelings for you and you told me you loved me. It was after I saved you from being demolished so maybe you just felt..grateful? I don't know."

You saved me?

"Yeah. You locked yourself up in your old house - you probably don't remember it so whatever - and I was the one to get you out. I had to...kiss you but it worked. And we both enjoyed it which was a plus." I gave a nervous laugh.

But I said I loved you?

"Yeah. That's what you told me. Even if I didn't say it back, you made sure I knew."

As he scribbled on the notebook again, he tried to hide his face behind his messy curls so I couldn't see his face turning red. When he flipped the page, my heart fluttered. I'm starting to see why.


so after this story is over (it won't be for a while i don't think) i was thinking of doing other stories from maybe luke's or mikey's or calum's points of view. idk if i'll do all of them but it was just a thought. should i? if i do who should i do bc idk if i'd be able to do everyone.

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