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Ashton had all the answers to every question Bridgette had, but he had to stay silent for her own good.

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22. Bad Idea

Because Ashton had no recollection of his family - or me, but that's beside the current point - Luke just told him he'd live at his place. That also reminded me that I'd have to move in. The problem with this was that we didn't have Ashton to talk to my parents because he didn't trust me anymore. Just thinking that made me want to cry.

"You could just tell them you're moving in across the street," Calum shrugged. He said he'd still be living at his own house just for a little while longer, but promised he would soon be moving in. "I'm sure they'd understand. They don't know about the Hemmings House."

"I feel like it won't be that simple. Everyone else knows about the house, so they have to find out eventually," I sighed. I threw my head in my hands as I sat on the counter in the kitchen. "Why did I have to be so stupid?"

It had only been two days since Ashton forgot about me and it's been torture. Michael tried telling him that I was his girlfriend, but Ashton insisted that his only friends were him, Luke, and kind of Calum. I tried so hard to be nice to him and get him to open up to me like before but he just pushes me further and further away. I began to think that his family might've had something to do with his taking a liking to me because now that hes forgotten them, he's colder and harder to get close to.

"You're going to have to tell them eventually." Calum said, putting his hand on my leg comfortingly.

"But it was Ashton's gift to me and it's obvious he doesn't want me moving in now." I pointed out, gesturing to the living room where Ashton was sitting.

"It was also Luke's," Calum said. "It's his house."

"But the closer I get to Ashton, the more he pushes me away. Maybe I should just give him space for now."

"No," Luke's voice came from right in front of me. His form appeared standing between my legs, staring straight at me. "Please move in. I really want you to!"

"I don't know..." my voice trailed off.

"Do you know how hard it was staying away from you? You're my best friend, Bridgette, and the ony other person besides Ashton, Mikey, and Calum that have talked to me since I died. Please." he begged, giving me the puppy dog face.

I sighed, putting my hands on both of his biceps. "Fine. If I can convince my parents."

He beamed at me as I took the snapback off of his head and placed it on my own head. "Thank you!"

I kissed his cheek. "Anything for you." I said sarcastically.

"I'll even help you." Calum offered.

"Yeah, you better," I said, hopping off the counter. "You want me to move in so badly."

Calum rolled his brown eyes and laughed at me. "Let's just go. They should be home now anyway, right?"

Calum, Luke, and I went to the living room to tell Michael and Ashton I'd be gone for a little bit with Cal. Ashton didn't look at me - as usual - and Michael paused the game he was playing to look up. "For what?"

"Remember the present A- uh, Luke got for me?" I asked, catching myself before I slipped up and said Ashton got me the gift. He'd just get angry because he "knew" he's never met me before.

"Good luck, Cooper." Michael said with a nod.

"Thanks." I nodded back before glancing quickly at Ashton, and spinning around on my heels to leave with Calum.




So far, I had let Calum do most of the talking. As soon as "I want to move in with Luke" came out of my mouth, my parents freaked out. Jeremy sighed, trying to tell my parents I was eighteen and should be able to do as I please, but they just told him they had no say in it. When Calum tried to explain, at least they didn't yell.

"Luke turned eighteen a little while after Bridgette," Calum lied smoothly. "And his parents said he could keep their house because they were moving to Florida. Luke just wants a roommate."

"Aren't you dating that...Irwin kid?" my dad asked with scrunched eyebrows.

"No." I mumbled.

"Mr and Mrs Cooper-"

"Sweetheart, call us Kristy and Ben." my mom reminded him.

"Right," he nodded. "Kristy and Ben, Bridgette would be completely safe with Luke. As you saw, he's a very respective boy and would never do anything to hurt Bridgette, or ever let anything hurt her."

"He's like a brother," Jeremy interjected, adding, "But better." when our parents gave him a questioning look.

"It was a birthday present." I told them in a pleading voice.

My mom shrugged at my dad. "He was nice."

"But she's my little girl!" my dad whined like a child.

I giggled. "Dad, you're doing what you said you wouldn't."

He sighed, staring at the ceiling. "Fine. You can move out."

Calum and I beamed at each other, high-fiving. Jeremy even looked happy for us, squeezing my wrist. We were cut off by my dad's deep voice saying, "On one condition."

"Figures." I grumbled.

"We're invited over for dinner every month." he stated.

"Every month?" I screeched. "Guys, we're still in high school! Do you think we'd have the money to buy you dinner every month?"

"We'll bring dinner." my mom compromised.

"But every month?" I repeated.

My dad groaned. "Fine, three months?"

"Three months is doable." I nodded.




The entire weekend was spent packing my things and bringing them over to Luke's house. I asked if we could get Luke outside again, but Calum said it's more than casting spells and they should be used only on special occasions. This, apparently, wasn't special enough.

There was also the fact that we couldn't get Ashton to help us with boxes. Jeremy volunteered to help too, but it would still be nice if Ashton could help. Luke had to literally beg him to help, but even then he just moved boxes into the house. He wouldn't come over and help pack. So it was me packing things up in random boxes and sliding them out my door door. From there, Calum would take them and move them downstairs. Jeremy would fill his car with boxes and them across the street and help Michael unload them at the door of Luke's. Then Ashton would grab the boxes and move them into the living room with Michael and Jeremy. Luke would bring the boxes up to the guest room where I would be living.

It took about two hours for this process, including taking down all posters, pictures, clothes, shoes, and bedding. The hard part was over and now I just had to put everything into my new room. With Jeremy and Calum making my bed - Michael offered to help but that was where Jeremy drew the line - Michael hanging up and folding my shirts and pants - I made sure to pack my bras and underwear away in a separate bag that I made sure he didn't open - and Luke and I hanging up posters and pictures, we got everything done in half the time it took to pack it up and ship it away. When we were done, we all sat on my bed and stared around the room.

"We did pretty good." I nodded approvingly.

There was a light knock on the door followed by Ashton slowly poking his head in. He looked at Luke before pointing out behind him. Can I talk to you? Luke sighed and stood, walking out the door and into the hallway with the curly-haired boy. He closed the door, but I could still hear their urgent whispers.

"Why are you letting her move in here?" Ashton questioned.

"Because we're friends with her." Luke defended.

"You are, I'm not." Ashton corrected.

"You used to be," Luke insisted. "You were in love with her!"

"No I wasn't! Stop saying I was because there's no way I could ever fall in love with anyone, including her!"

"No, Cooper, don't," Michael said, pulling my into him. I realized I was crying. "He doesn't know what he's saying."

But he did. He knew exactly what he was saying. Ashton did love me but he could never love me again. And it sucked because I realized that I was in love with him; I still am in love with him. Now I knew how he felt, and let me tell you, it sucked.



I recommend to re-read the story since I was gone for a long time ; you had might forgotten some details.

#bridgeton - weird ass ship name but yolo

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