A Cigarette for a Kiss

When Mila moves to a new place for college she meets Luke. Overloaded by the butterflies she get's whenever she's with him, she wants to see him more and more. And everything indicates that he feels the same, but then she meets his friends.


5. Chapter 5

At breakfast Rosie asked me if her boyfriend could stay for the weekend. She hadn't seen him in a while and missed him a lot. I knew that because he was the only thing she'd talk about the last few days. 

When he arrived she jumped right at him. Her arms around his neck and legs around his waist. Then she kissed him and I smiled. I was happy her mood cleared up a little. That night they were going to go for dinner and because that was a date kinda thing, I was home alone for the night. Right away I thought about Luke, would it be inappropriate if I ask him to come to my place? Maybe he'd expect something I wasn't going to give to him. So I didn't ask. I'm not going to take this thing in a rush. Maybe he doesn't even like me that much to be called 'something'. But still I hoped we could be alone again, that was nice.

In the past hours he'd dropped me off home, he hadn't left my head. I was constantly thinking about him. I just couldn't focus or pay attention to the tv show that was on. It has been so long since i've fallen in love, and I'm scared I'll lose myself if I get in too deep. Because it has been only one date. 

The last time I've fallen in love was with David, he was in my school but one year older. It didn't last long. He'd asked me out one time and since that night I was in love. But after a few weeks he changed and became this jurk. I didn't like him anymore and I didn't think he still liked me either, but I was afraid to break up. Afraid he might get mad. But that didn't take long because we got in a huge fight. And then out of the nowhere I yelled I didn't love him anymore. And that it all was useless. Then he walked off, and I never saw him again. Not even at school. 

I wasn't planning on contacting Luke after I thought about that big fight, so I just stayed home and ordered watched a movie. When the movie was over I grabbed my book and started reading. Within a few minutes my phone rang. I saw the display and my heart skipped a beat, Luke. 


'Hi dear.' I heard the grin in his voice and it made me smile. 'I was wondering if you were bussy the rest of this night?' He asked me.

'Well what a coincidence I was just thinking about you. I'm at the room and Rosie and her boyfriend are out.' I said. And right when I said it I realized it kind off sounded like an invitation, and that wasn't my intention. well, I might have been thinking about him and me nice and cuddly on this couch I was sitting on, but I wasn't going to ask him.

'That sounds like an invitation, I can be there in 5.'

He said, smiling. Because he sees right through me and knew that wasn't why I told him, not completely. I knew he wanted to come too. And honestly I didn't really knew something better to do.

'okay.' I said.

I heard him being a little confused on what to say next on the other side. But I didn't laugh to make it seem like I was joking, because I wasn't. He could come, we could have a nice time and just do something fun at my place. 

'Uhh.. Okay, well I'll see you in a few minutes then.' 

I hung up and after a few seconds of pulling me together and confirming that I just invited the hottest dude I knew into my room, I looked down at myself. Holy shit I look like crap! I was in my pj's sitting on a blanked on the couch, reading a book. I just ate a bowl of popcorn and there were little pops everywhere. Then I looked at the beds in the back and that was even worse. Both Rosies and mine bags were openly loaded by crunched clothes and the rest of the clothes were spread around our beds. The the beds, they were full of stuff and there was food on the nightstands. How was I going to fix myself, and then the whole room in just 5 minutes.

I quickly stayed some perfume on and put on a skinny jeans with kneeholes and a white cardigan. I putted my hair up in a messy bun and left my socks on. Then I rushed to the couch to clean it. and after That to my bed, Rosie could fix hers when she was back with Neill. I was almost done when he knocked on the door.

'Hi again, was that in 5 minutes or did I fail?' He smiled.

'It took you just as much time as it took me to clean everything up quickly.' I laughed back.

What were you actually doing when I called you?' He asked me.

'I was just finished watching a movie. What were you doing when you called me? I thought maybe you had a band-thing to do or so tonight.' 

'Maybe, but I rather spent some more time with you to be honest. Besides, the boys can practice a little without me.' He smiled again, and I already was drowning in his eyes again. 

I smiled at him. 'we can watch another movie if you want. Rosie won't be back soon I think.' Again with the stupid hints that aren't supported to be hints. I wasn't asking him for sex so to kind of make that clear, I didn't smile with it. 

'yeah that's okay, what's on?' And with that we walked towards to couch and sat down on it. He sat down right in the corner and I sat down right next to him. During the movie he layer his arm around me, and stoke my shoulder. I layer down more towards me, so that we eventually were kind of laying onto the corner of the couch. I could feel his heart beating fast in his chest. When I heard that, my heart beat obviously raised too. It felt like we were this couple that spent all their free time together on the couch, cuddling. And it was nice, I really felt for him. When the movie ended we looked at each other and smiled. 

'Should we go outside and smoke a cigarette?' I asked. Because I felt like sitting on the balcony and smoking a cigarette. With him. 

'Sure.' He said. I liked that, boys who could be all cuddly and cute and then still try to act like they're tough and don't really care. So I smiled at his cute response, sure.

I grabbed my purse and a few pillows and a blanked. We laid the pillows in the corner when we shut the door, and then pulled the blanked over our legs. I crawled up to him and he laid his arm around me. 

'Shoot, I'm out of cigarettes.' I told him when I looked into my purse and remembered I'd thrown away the empty package yesterday.

'You can have one of mine.., but I want just one thing in return.' He said grinning at me. 

I was curious so I grinned with him.

'Okay.. What?' I asked.

'You can have a cigarette, If I can have a kiss.' 

I grabbed the cigarette he held in front of me and leaned towards him. I stopped one moment before I touched his lips, and then I kissed him. I felt his lip-piercing on my lips, and his soft lips next to that. I slowly openen my mouth and we kissed some more. He leaned further back and I went with him. We were laying down on the pillows with the blanked half up our legs, and I couldn't tell if I dropped the cigarette or not. 

I turned and he was laying on top of me now. I felt him kissing my jaw, and then my neck. Then he kissed my mouth again. We stopped one moment, just to look each other in the eyes, and smile. The he kissed me again. I felt his hands going from my ribs going around my waist. I raised my hands to his back, and then went down to the edge of his shirt. I lifted the shirt a little so that I could go underneath. I pulled his shirt up a little and kissed his lips, still feeling my heart beating in my throat. I pulled his shirt up more, and then took it off.Slowly I pulled the shirt over his head as he stared in my eyes, also not believing what was going on. He was shirtless, laying on me. 

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