A Cigarette for a Kiss

When Mila moves to a new place for college she meets Luke. Overloaded by the butterflies she get's whenever she's with him, she wants to see him more and more. And everything indicates that he feels the same, but then she meets his friends.


4. Chapter 4

When Rosie and I headed back home, I told her he'd asked for my number. She got all excited and I didn't want to admit how I felt about Luke. So we got home and got to bed. Again I read a little before I turned off all the lights. When I woke up, Rosie was gone again. 

Today was the first official schoolday but Rosie had all different classes than me. Still we went there together. It got real boring real quick. Maybe a reason for that was because I was thinking about Luke the whole time. I wanted to focus, especially because it was the first day, but I just couldn't. For some reason I kept getting scenes in my head of his head looking all sexy at me, as if he wanted me to dream about it day in day out. Well, I guess he succeeded. My phone buzzed and I immediately blushed because I hoped it was Luke texting me. But when I looked at my phone and saw the text was from Rosie, I was embarrassed for thinking that in the first place, why would he text me? He's in a fucking band and I'm just one of the girls in his crowd. Still though, those eyes...

'Up for lunch later?-R' She texted.

'Sure.' I send back. 

At lunch we didn't talk about Luke, luckily. She hadn't seen her boyfriend in a few days and was complaining about that pretty much the whole time. Eventually we got back to our classes and I got back to my non-focussed status. When the class was over I reminded myself that I had to meet Rosie by the oaktree. As I walked though the streets, headed to the park, my phone began to buzz. I thought it was Rosie asking me where I was, so I answered with:

'Hi, Yes I'm almost there. Are you there already?' 

'Well, isn't that a nice invitation. I'll be there in five. Where exactly do I need to be?' Luke said.

My mind went on full speed. Oh my god what the fuck did I just do? I'm so stupid. Ok, make a joke. My hart was beating at full speed too and my cheeks were as red as tomatoes, again. 

'Well.. I wasn't expecting you ha. I'm meeting Rosie to walk through the park. why'd you call?' Ok, that wasn't even close to a joke. 

'I was planning on asking you out, actually. If you're up for that.' He said giggling on the phone. 

'Uh.. Sure.' I really hoped he didn't hear the stutter in my voice.

'Okay, then I'll be at the park in five.' He said, now laughing through the phone.

'If you'd like to take Rosie out too then that will be the perfect plan. But if you refer to spent some time with the two of us I recommend you picking me up at 8.' I said with a giggle. He laughed.

'Well allright then. where?'

After I'd hung up, I rushed to the oaktree, to tell Rosie I wasn't going to be home tonight. She asked me all about what he said, and I told her I didn't know the details, just that I needed to be ready at 8. 

After dinner i humped into the shower, washed my hair and then put on my little black dress with a white cardigan, and off course my docs. I put on a smokey eye and put my pack of cigarettes, with my wallet and some perfume into my purse. After i was done, I asked Rosie if I looked okay. And she off course, was all excited about everything, about my dress, my make-up and the date, duh.

Around 8 he knocked on our door. I opened the door and immediately went out, with him. 

'Bye Rosie, I'll be back tonight!' I yelled while walking out and closing the door. 

'Hi.' I said, when I looked at his face. 

'Hi dear.' He said. I drowned away when he said that. And because of his eyes, off course. 

We walked up to another park, somewhere further away from our building. As we walked through the park, under the trees where surprisingly hang the same lights that night, I grabbed purse and searched for my cigarettes. I took one out and offered him one, then we both light them up and kept walking. At some point he stopped. 

'We're here.' He said smiling. I looked at the tree he was standing in front of. The whole tree was covered in colorful lights and at the bottom there were several pillows laid down onto a blanked. It was even more beautiful than you'd think. 

'Oh my god it's beautiful, did you do this for me?' I asked in disbelieve. 

'I thought now we could enjoy the pretty lights a bit more comfortable.' He said with a daring look on his face. I sat down on the left and looked up, it was so beautiful with the moon shining right at our view. My heart and my cheeks went crazy when he sad down next to me and laid his arm around me. He looked at me with those pretty blue eyes:

'Well I don't want you to get cold in that little cute dress right.' He giggled.

'No we don't want that.' I said, smiling back.

We chatted for another hour. He asked me about my Parents, my hobbies and then he asked me about my siblings.

'Do you have any siblings by the way? you look like an only child you know.'

'I kind of am. But I wasn't.' I looked at him with vulnerability in my eyes. 

He understood what I was talking about and nodded once to let me know that. 

'Tell me.' He said.

'Her name was Sara, She was 4 years younger than me. I loved her with everything I had. She was only 10 years old when she died. She was so special, she thought she could fly. It was her imagination that made her everything she was. She was playing in her room when she saw a bird out the window, thought she could reach for it and fell out the window. She practically jumped. I was the one who found her.'

I felt tears coming up, but I didn't feel like crying. I had never told this story to people, maybe because no one asked. 

'I'm so sorry, that's horrible. That must've been awful for you to go through.' He said while he stroke my arm with his fingers, I was glad I was here with him, now. That I told him, that he stroke me.  

'I used to be different when she was still here you know, I was that girl that always looked like she was being attacked, or scared to get punched in her face or something. I was the wallflower, well I pretty much still am, but now I don't care. I was just so retracted the whole time. When she died, everything in my heart died with her. And from the moment I walked up to her coffin and kissed her forehead for the last time, I changed. I didn't care anymore.' I told him while he continued to hold me and stroke me. When i said I didn't care anymore, he softly squeezed my arm. I let him know that it was okay, I was okay, by a shallow smile towards out legs. Because we were still sitting underneath the tree. 

'I'm glad you did, because I kinda like the way you turned out.' He said with a blink.

I looked him in his eyes, his beautiful blue eyes, and saw the sorry he felt for me. I could see he honestly cared for me, even though he just met me. I saw the perfection in his eyes, and he looked at mine. He then smiled and blushed a little before he slowly leaned forward and kissed me. His soft lips left a tingly feeling for a few more seconds after he removed his lips but was still holding his head right in front of mine. He looked me in my eyes, both just looking at each other, with hand still in my neck. And I couldn't stop looking at him, at his beautiful eyes. I could still feel the place on my lips where his lip ring had touched my skin. 




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