A Cigarette for a Kiss

When Mila moves to a new place for college she meets Luke. Overloaded by the butterflies she get's whenever she's with him, she wants to see him more and more. And everything indicates that he feels the same, but then she meets his friends.


3. Chapter 3

When I woke up Rosie was gone. I realized we didn't had any food or other supplies and was wondering if Rosie was gone to get them. I grabbed my bag and put on some leggings and a lose tanktop. Then I grabbed a cigarette and went to the balcony. As I blew out the smoke I realizes this was the first cigarette I had since my parents weren't around anymore. Sure I smoked sometimes at home. But I'm not a smoker. I just smoke when I feel like it, sometimes. Now was such a moment. I put a pillow against the stone balcony and raised my head when I laid to it and took another hoisting. 

A few moments later Rosie suddenly came back. 

'Hey, where were you?' 

'Oh I'm sorry I forgot to tell you. I usually go running in the morning. Did you by chance get any food when i was gone?' 

'Ah that's fine. No I thought maybe you were gone to get that. But it's fine I'll go to the supermarket, do you know where there is one?' I asked her.

'Um, If you walk out the building there's a plan at the reception. Maybe there's one on there. I'm going to take a shower okay?'

'Yeah sure, I'll be back in a minute.' And as I grabbed my backpack with some money I yelled 'Bye!' at Rosie who was probably already in the shower. 

All the way to the supermarket I was hoping to see him again. Maybe he'll bump into me again, but I knew that these kind of things were not likely to happen more than once. But still, even on the way back I checked almost very person on the road to see if I didn't accidentally miss him. 

When I came back Rosie was already dressed, this time she was wearing a green suede dress. This one was a little longer than the other one, but you could still see her black heels peeking out. As we ate breakfast she had the idea to go do something tonight. 

'I've heard there was this kind of music thing in the park tonight, maybe we can go there?' 

'Yeah sure, what time?' I asked her. I have to pick up some books and digital files at school today and then I could see if I could make it in time tonight.

'It starts at 8 I believe.'

When I got back from school and had taken a shower, Rosie had made her bed perfectly and was cleaning the kitchen. 

'Well, should we go then?' I asked, a little scared to interrupt her.

'Okay, let me just finish this up.'  

I was wearing my black ripped jeans with the same green-brown shirt that had all those little holes. And off course I was wearing my Doc Martens, the reddish ones. 

As we walked into the park, the sun had already set and the trees were full with colored lights. It was beautiful. Rosie and I walked under the trees up to the little stage where a band was playing. I liked the music. I was dancing in the crowd when Rosie suddenly grabbed my arm.

'Oh my God! Look who is on the stage! Oh my God Mile look!!' She screamed in my ear. I expected some kind of celebrity Rosie was a huge fan of, but then I was wondering why I didn't recognize the music. When I looked at the stage I couldn't see what she meant. I saw three boys, one in the back at the drums, one in the middle with a guitar and then another one with a guitar. But when I heard a guy singing, and none of the guys who were on the stage were moving their mouth, I saw him. On the right there he stood. 

'Oh my God is that Luke?' I asked Rosie in disbelieve.

'Yes! It's your Luke he's in a band!' She screamed in my ear again.

'What do I do?' I asked her? Because i honestly didn't know what to do. Should I run away?

'Wave at him, yell his name! Something!' She again, screamed in my ear. 

We went a little more up front in the crowd. And then, when I had perfect view at his blue eyes, I smiled at him. I kept on dancing, while smiling at him. Hoping he'd see me. And then he did. He was somehow a bit confused for a second, and then smiled back at me. There it was, he still recognized me. I could feel my hot cheeks from blushing but was hoping it wasn't noticeable in the dark. After a few songs of dancing I left Rosie in the crowd and sat down in front of the tree with the lights. I look above us and enjoyed the beautiful night, because it was beautiful. 

'hey, am I so boring to listen to that you fall asleep?' Luke asked.

I hadn't even noticed the music stopping. Wait there was still music playing, oh wait no that's just background music, no one is on the stage anymore. But I couldn't see the other guys that were on the stage. It was just Luke, here in front of me.

'No your music is amazing, I was just enjoying this beautiful tree with his beautiful lights.' I responded.

'Well, I might as well just come and enjoy them with you, right?' My heart skipped about three beats when he bend over and sat down next to me. His shoulder touching my shoulder.

'Don't you have to play music?' I asked.

'No we're having a break for 15 minutes. Can I spend that with you?' He asked me while looking into my eys. Those eyes.. 

'Sure, why not.' I tried to sound as cool as I could. 

'You know, I was hoping to see you again.' He said looking at me at the sexiest way a guy could look.

'You know, I was thinking the same thing today.' I said, still trying to sound cool about the situation. 

'And I totally forgot to ask your number' He added with again, the sexy look.

'Well, do you have a pen?' I asked him, glaring back. Even though I was blushing fucking hard and I knew he could see it.

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