A Cigarette for a Kiss

When Mila moves to a new place for college she meets Luke. Overloaded by the butterflies she get's whenever she's with him, she wants to see him more and more. And everything indicates that he feels the same, but then she meets his friends.


2. Chapter 2

When we got out of the car and I basically had the same goodbye-conversation with my mom as I had with my dad, I walked into the building. As I walked up to the receptionist I noticed that there was a hall with all kinds of paintings. Small but colorfull paintings. After I picked up my key and filled in all the needed information, I walked past the paintings to get a better look at them. They were beuatifull. One painting's theme was purple, as the other was red or yellow. I walked past the paintings up to the stairs and I wasn't even at my door yet when a girl came up to me. She was a bit shorter than me, and was wearing a little pink dress matching her pink shoes. She asked me what room I had, and when I told her the number, she started screaming and yelling

'Yay! We're roommates! Hi, I'm Rosie. Come let me show you the room.'

When we walked in and after I'd dropped my bags on the floor she led me to the bedroom. I think we had some luck with this room because it seemed a bit larger than most ones. The bedroom had two beds. It was quite a big room and in between the beds there were two small tables, but even between those two there was still space to lay down with your feet touching the one table, and your hands touching the other table. She sat down in the middle and asked me:

'Well, which bed do you want?'

'I don't really care, you choose first I'll take the other one.' I said.

She choose the left one, the one closest to the door. I liked the right one, it was further away from the rest of the room and the bed stood against the wall. 

'It's almost 7, what should we get for dinner?' I asked her after I'd put my bags on my bed and my books on the shelf above my bed. 

'Um, I heard there was a nice pasta place 2 blocks from here. Maybe we could go and get that?' She responded.

So after I'd changes my jogging pants and shirt to a black skinny jeans with a dark green tank top that has little holes in it, we headed to the pasta place. Apparently they had several take-away pasta boxes. I took the carbonara and Rosie the tomato. We decided to take our dinner with us to the nearest park, apparently there was one just a few streets away. But when we couldn't find it and started to get really hungry, we just ate it while walking, still searching for the park. When I almost finished my pasta I saw a street sign telling us to turn left for the park, so we did. We sat down and with my last few bites Rosie started to ask some questions, I hate it when people do this when they just meet. Somehow they're interested in your whole life and want to know every detail that doesn't even matter to yourself. But I answered them, I liked Rosie. She was nice and sincerely seemed to like me. I asked her if she had a boyfriend, and she said she did. Then I asked if he's from near here, and she told me he was not.

'He lives in an apartment 2 hours from here, maybe some nights I'll be at his place so then you're alone in our room, I hope you don't mind that?'

'No that's fine.' I said to her.

Then we stood up and started walking back to the building. It wasn't really hard to find the shortest way back because we'd ended up just one street at the right from the pasta place. As we headed back I noticed my lace was untied so I stopped to tie it. When I got up and made a move to walk I bumped into some guy. I couldn't see what he looked like until I looked up to apologize.

'Oh my god, I'm sorry I didn't see you.' I said while looking in his blue eyes. Oh god those eyes.

'Oh no I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention and didn't see you on the ground. What were you doing actually?' 

'I was.. Uh.. tying my shoelaces. Haha.' I grinned. Because let's face it, it was kind of funny. 

'Ah! That's why you appeared out of nowhere.' He smiled back. 'I'm Luke, what is your name?' he asked me. 

'I'm Mila.' I smiled. And then I noticed Rosie was standing behind him, staring at me. 'Oh and this is Rosie, my roommate.' I added after the smile while I pointed in the direction behind him. I saw him turning around to hear him once more say:

'Hi, I'm Luke.' He turned back to me and looked if he'd hurt me, in any way, when he bumped into me. When he realized I saw him staring at my body he laughed. 

'Well, I got to go, maybe I'll see you around.' And I think I saw him blush a little when he said that, but that could be just me because I was blushing hard.

'Yeah, maybe.' I said.

And then he smile-nodded once and walked past us to head the same direction as he was going before he bumped into my face. I think Rosie saw my redhead because when he was out of sight she turned to me and quickly started talking with a high pitched voice.

'Oh my god you're blushing. You think he's cute! Pfoo and I get that, he was gorgeous! And did you see the way he was looking at you?' She giggled. 

'No, he was just checking if i'd hurt myself. He practically bumped me off my feet!' I tried, but i knew she wasn't going to buy it. I've known Rosie for only a couple of hours but I already now she that kind of person that won't let go of things. She'll fully interrogate me if I don't stop her now. 

'Besides, If he liked me he would've asked for my number or something. And he didn't. I mean, what are the chances I'll meat him again in this huge town? Like really small.' I smiled at her, because I knew she wouldn't have anything more to say about it. Luckily. 

'Well, still I think he was totally into you.' She said with a morose voice.

We walked back to the building and when we got back into the room we both were pretty tired from the long drive-day, so got to bed. Rosie instantly slept, but I stayed up a bit longer to read something in my bed. I tried to focus on the sentences, but when I'd read the same page six times and still didn't knew what they were saying, I closed it. I couldn't stop thinking about this boy, this Luke. He looked me so deep and sweet in my eyes. I've never felt more butterflies flying around when a boy just looked at me. 

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