A Cigarette for a Kiss

When Mila moves to a new place for college she meets Luke. Overloaded by the butterflies she get's whenever she's with him, she wants to see him more and more. And everything indicates that he feels the same, but then she meets his friends.


1. Chapter 1

Well i guess this is it. I'm moving out. Maybe they'll miss me, maybe not. But i'm leaving and there's not much they can do about it. When my mother get's in the car I give my dad a last hug, and a cheek-kiss off course. He's not coming with us. He says it's to hard for him, to see me go and don't have me around as much as I used to. Because let's be honest, I pretty much never left the house. I guess I didn't had as much friends as normal girls, but that's okay, I had my books, as sad as that sounds. 

'Sure you'll be okay honey, all there by yourself there?' He asked me.

'Yes dad for the last time, I'll be okay. Don't worry so much about me, you're going to lose all of your hair if you keep doing that. And we both know how mom thinks about that.' I joked.

I know they'll worry about me, and i'll worry about them too. But I'll be worrying about them worrying to much about me. And that sounds way to complicated than it should be. They should chill down, I'm just going to college, 500 Miles away. 

'Okay then, well.. Good luck and watch out okay honey?' He winked at me while smiling. 

'Sure dad, I'll call you when i got there. Bye!'

When we got in the car and drove off I grabbed one of my books. I kicked out my shoes and laid my legs on the dashboard. It was going to be a long drive and me and my mom didn't had too much to talk about. We never really had. She'd tell me what to do and what not to do, and i'd tell her that i already knew that. Normally she'd never interrupt me while i'm reading. She knows i wouldn't listen to what she was saying anyway. But now she did. And now I was listening. 

'Mila you should know some things about that school you know, the boys there aren't as nice as they seem to be. I know you probably don't want to hear this stuff but I just want to warn you, think about who you trust.' She said.

And when I looked at her with an inquiring look, she kept on going.

'You know I wen't to that school too, when I was just your age. I went there with a friend but by the time one study year past, she wasn't my friend anymore. Boys can mess up friendships really bad you know.' 

'I didn't know that... what happened?' As I put my bookmark between my pages an closed the book, she started telling.

'Well, when Sara and I got there we shared a room. Everything was amazing and it became greater when I started to notice that boys liked me. They'd glare at me in class and put notes in my bag. I thought it was sweet so I just smiled whenever I noticed. And then I met this boy. He was all nice and cute and it seemed like love at first sight. The one thing led to another and well.. I thought we were a couple, because we did things a couple would do, we were supposed to be a couple. Until one night I came home from my work shift and walked into our apartment. They were both in her bed, Sara and him. When I walked in I was so shocked that I run out of there, to get some air because honestly I just couldn't breathe. And that's when I, or I could say we, found out that the boys there were just playing some kind of game. One about which boy could get the most girls.' 

'Mom, That's horrible. I'm sorry. But please don't worry, I'll be okay I promise.' 

I knew the conversation was done at that point, because my mother looked at me and gave me a fearful smile and then looked back at the road. So I grabbed my book again, and we held our positions until we almost got there. 

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