Dream of Memory

Car crash. Brain capacity: 5% - half the average of humans. Should she have her life support shut off? 6% 7% 10% The numbers increase. And increase. 20% - double the human average. She is incredible, but it is increasing by the minute. How much more can it actually increase?


1. Prologue


I see everything. I hear everything. I can move objects with my mind. Learn a new language in ten minutes flat. If I hug someone, I can learn everything about their physical state. If I touch someone, even just on the shoulder, I can learn everything important about their life - who they love, most traumatic event, where they're from.

I am different. Not normal. I was normal. And now I'm beyond normal. I've been below normal, and now I am above it. The problem is that below normal almost killed me. Above normal is killing me. I need to be normal, but I don't know how to be anymore.

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