Dream of Memory

Car crash. Brain capacity: 5% - half the average of humans. Should she have her life support shut off? 6% 7% 10% The numbers increase. And increase. 20% - double the human average. She is incredible, but it is increasing by the minute. How much more can it actually increase?


2. Chapter One

10% - the average for a human


"Come on, Ebony, you'll be late for school!"

"I'm coming mum!" Ebony called back down the stairs. She checked her appearance once more in the mirror before running down to her mother. "Oh crap." She breathed, running back up to her room to grab her bag.

"Alright, I'm ready," Ebony said to her mother, smiling, as her black Converse hit the wooden floor in their entrance hall with a thump.

"Off you go then," her mum replied, adjusting Ebony's hair slightly.

Ebony pulled the front door open by it's worn brass handle, calling over her shoulder to her father and two siblings.

"When is Ivory coming along?" Ebony asked her mother as she was about to step of the porch steps.

"Don't know. She should be along at some point, but I don't think she has any lessons until later. Have a nice day though sweet pea."

Ebony and Ivory were identical twins. They were both in the first year of Sixth Form (sixteen going on seventeen), so this meant that they went in at different times, depending on when their lessons fell. Sixth Formers had free lessons so they could do extra study, but some of them didn't actually use this time for studying.

Ebony stepped down of the stone steps outside their front door. It was a beautifully sunny day, full of prospects of joyful teachers. The sun always made her teachers happier, and happier teachers meant less essays were set.

Suddenly, a voice squealed out for Ebony from down the road. Ebony squinted in the sun, trying to work out who was so excited to see her on a Monday morning. The girl waved and began to bounce up and down. Ebony immediately connected the bouncing to Claire, a old friend of Ebony's who was always hyper and her personality resembled something like a puppy. Ebony waved in return and stepped off the kerb.

Ebony didn't see the car. The car's driver didn't see Ebony. Claire screamed as she watched her friend's life change forever.

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