Street fighter in love

This story is about a troubled boy in love with a girl getting abused by her foster parents.


6. The last time

Sally's real mother and father came in a rush into the emergency room, they went to the front desk, the nurse told where they were keeping Sally at, then they saw Julian and they went into Sally's room but the nurses were telling them to wait outside. So, they were waiting for almost 3 hours, then the doctor said "are you the real parents of Sally Sanchez?" They said "Yes, how she is?" The doctor said " The bullet hit in the lungs, so, we put her in the  respiratory machine, I'm sorry, she has only 4 hours to live," Sally's mother started to cry and Julian started to cry as well, Sally's father said "why are you crying?" Julian said "I'm crying because I'm Sally's boyfriend," they went in Sally's room, they saw her in the condition that she was, they were praying that she would be okay, after they said 'amen' the heart meter started to beep and Sally wasn't alive anymore, until Julian said "SALLY, DON'T YOU LEAVE ME NOT TODAY!!" Then Sally's heart meter started beeping and the doctors started were shock that she was breathing by herself and she come back to life.

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