Street fighter in love

This story is about a troubled boy in love with a girl getting abused by her foster parents.


3. The abuse

Mrs.Alvarez said "hello, what can I help do for you?" Julian said " Mrs.Alvarez, this is Sally Sanchez, can you please check her if she's okay?" Mrs.Alvarez was trying to see Sally's face but she wouldn't let her see face either. So, Mrs.Alvarez took Sally's hat off, Mrs.Alvarez and Julian saw the bruises and Sally started to cry, Mrs.Alvarez said "Sally, what happen to you, my child?" Sally said "It was accident, I swear, I'll be careful next time." Mrs.Alvarez was very concerned about Sally, and Julian wanted to protect her and help her as well, so, he would walk with her to school and home, and he would invite her to over to his house for dinner. After school, they went for a walk in the park and they sat on a bench and they stared at the sunset. Then Sally said "Julian, I should get back because it's really late," Julian said "Sally, I wanted to tell you that I like you and I just want to ask if you wanted to be my girlfriend?" Sally said "Oh my god, yes, I would love to be your girlfriend," he said "and I swear on my life to protect you." She started to cry and so, she kissed him, then a black car came. 

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