Street fighter in love

This story is about a troubled boy in love with a girl getting abused by her foster parents.


2. Suspended

After class finished, a group of girl from Mr.Chavez's class, went up to Sally and they said "hey, how about hanging out with us?" Sally knew that they were up to something, so she said "No thanks," so they dropped their acts then they started to punch and kick Sally, then the principal was coming toward them and Sally got up since the girls ran when they saw the principal coming. The supervisor went after the girls but they got away, the principal started to accused Sally if the fight, so, Mr.Perez had suspended Sally for a week for no reason. Two weeks past, Sally wasn't at school, the boys were wondering what happen to Sally.The next day, Sally came to school, she was wearing a hat to cover her face since she had bruises on the face, Julian said "Sally, where have you've been?" She said "Nowhere, I just had a little cough," Julian was trying to see her face but she wouldn't let him, so, he grabbed by the hand and took her to the nurse's office.  

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