Street fighter in love

This story is about a troubled boy in love with a girl getting abused by her foster parents.


5. Is this the end?

Then Sally's foster mother came out of the house with a 36 caliber, she started shooting at the officers and she went up to Sally, aiming the gun at Sally's head. She missed,since Sally moved, then Sally went to Officer Jones and grabbed his gun. She pulled the trigger, the bullet went into her foster mother's head, she ran to the police car and called for back-up and for 3 ambulances. So, they rushed, the ambulances got there, they saw Sally and 2 more people with wounds, they said "here, let's us help you first," she said "no, help them first, please," then Julian came in a rush, he drove to Sally's house, he saw ambulances and police cars at her house. Sally and Julian saw each other, then Sally collapsed, he ran to her and the guys after him to save Sally's life, when the got to the emergency room, doctors and nurses were rushing to her, they were doing to CPR on Sally, but she going, the doctor said "get me the petals and put it at 50," then the doctor had used the petal on Sally, then she rose up and she said "Julian, where is my boyfriend?" The doctor said "He's outside, what's your name?" She said "I'm Sally Sanchez," the nurses were trying to contact her real parents. 

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