Street fighter in love

This story is about a troubled boy in love with a girl getting abused by her foster parents.


1. In love

There was a street fighter name Julian Hernandez, he would never show up to school, but he would get arrest and go to jail. So, his p.o. had threaten him to go to school or he will do time in jail, so Julian chose to go to school because he would hear in the news that people got stabbed or something worst plus his p.o. would far away from his family. The next day, Julian went to school, his math teacher, Mr.Chavez said" Ah, Mr.Hernandez, it's really nice to see you again in my class," Julian said" man, Mr.Chavez, I see you still giving a lot of homework to your students." A new student came into Mr.Chavez's class, Mr.Chavez said "are you lost, miss?" She said "No, this is the right classroom,are you Senor Chavez?" He said "Yes, I am and what's your name?" She said "I'm sorry, how rude of me, my name is Sally Sanchez." The boys were starting to whistle at Sally since she was beautiful, and the girls were getting jealous of Sally since she was getting a lot of the boys' attention.    

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